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Bandai Namco Shows God Eater 3 Characters in Action!

Bandai Namco Shows God Eater 3 Characters in Action!

Recently Bandai Namco has started a livestream for God Eater 3. It was yesterday. They are showing the gameplay and some characters’ design rough draft.

Starting at mark 51:30 the rough drafts were shown. You might have seen one of the character, Hugo Pennywort the protagonist’s close friend. His rough draft are also shown here too.

Bandai Namco Shows God Eater 3 Characters in Action!

A cool and handsome guy, no?

The other characters that were shown their rough draft design are Claire Victorious and Zeke Pennywort.

There’s a reason why Claire has different logo with both Hugo and Zeke. It is also connected as to why she only wears one bangle. The devs also said she’s might be more dangerous than the other. But, a girl is still a girl, especially one with that kind of backpack and the mysterious existence of her panties (the fans are curious, ok?). If you have notice it, her hair have this unique accent that resembles some… a… something pointy like a crab’s feet.

Apparently they’re wings, like what Claire has said in her rough draft, “It is not a crab!! they’re wings!” with blush on her face. Cute, but dangerous, huh?

If Claire has crab-like-wing hairstyle, Zeke has a banana-like hair color. Again, the devs said it, not me. You can compare his hair color with two bananas: ripe and unripe, then make a gradient with those two colors, and you’ll get Zeke’s hair color!

The more i see it, the more i like it. What about you?

God Eater 3 is still being developed for PlayStation 4 and PC. Read more about God Eater series here.

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