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Azure Saga: Pathfinder Is on Steam Greenlight

Azure Saga: Pathfinder - Title

Remember the mobile game Azure Saga: Pathfinder that we covered before? Apparently, the medieval-fantasy RPG is going into PC and Mac via Steam, and is now on Steam Greenlight. The developer Masshive Media mentioned that they decided to get the game into PC due to popular demand. Click here to check the Steam Greenlight campaign page.

Here are the story overview and the key features of the game, as provided by Masshive Media in the campaign page.


Azure Saga: Pathfinder, is situated in a world where human race live inside group of colonies in the outer space focusing to find valuable resources to sustain their life. Some of them believe in the myth that says, one day they will be able to find a legendary planet called Azure, a place full of life and abundant resources that can sustain their life for generations to come.

The central story of Azure Saga: Pathfinder itself focused on Synch, the son of head scientist from N.E.B.U.L.A colony, alongside with his Droid assistance: NOiDE D30 (Noide).

Synch and Noide stranded on an unknown planet after their ship was shot down during their flight to a specific coordinate to pick up his father. With no fuel and broken navigation, Synch and Noide decided to look for energy sources to fix their spaceship.

However, things weren’t gone as smooth as they thought, during the journey they unintentionally involved with war and politics of the planet’s inhabitants.



Stunning 2D drawing illustration will be used as the classic visual novel storytelling. Depending on the situation and mood within the conversations, character’s expressions may also changed periodically. Plus, there will be some animated illustration during certain events.


Classical Turn based battle RPG is the battle system offered in Azure Saga: Pathfinder, where there are player phase and enemy phase throughout the battles. Strategic thinking is very crucial as players have to decide which moves they would like to make during player phase for all their characters once. And just like classic RPG elements, random encounter is applied within the game.


One of the unique key features in Azure Saga: Pathfinder is that you can discover united skill attack by combining each character skills. More than 45 United skill attacks with a very unique ability and animations can be unlocked throughout the game.


More than 20 different type of gems with unique effects can be socketed into equipments, enabling players to create their own playstyle. In addition, some equipments has unique affinity with certain gemstones and bonus stats will be given if it is perfectly matched.


There are plenty side and hidden quests to be explored throughout the game. By completing these quests, players can acquire in-game currencies, equipments or any other mythical items. Some special quests can be taken to awaken your character hidden skills, where it will also upgrade your character’s outfit.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder gameplay screenshots (click to enlarge)

 Azure Saga: Pathfinder will release in the early 2017 for iOSAndroid, PC, and Mac.


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