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Atelier Lydie and Soeur Officially Confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch; Many Info Revealed!

Atelier Lydie and Soeur Officially Confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch; Many Info Revealed!

Atelier Lydie and Soeur: Alchemist of the Mysterious Paintings. It is the new installment inside Atelier series, and possibly the conclusion within the mysterious chapter. Gust have teased us with the protagonists silhouettes as seen in the previous coverage. There are two silhouettes, so there will be two protagonists. This week Famitsu has so many information to share for us, fans of the series. One of them being the game’s console: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Nintendo Switch! No release date has been revealed, but we sure got another important details. Let’s take a look into it one by one.

The Twins and The Paintings

Atelier Lydie and Soeur Officially Confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch; Many Info Revealed!


Built in Melveille, the capital of the Adallet Kingdom, there is a small atelier. There live two twins who are growing up as alchemists, while helping their alchemist father. Their dream is to run, one day, the country’s top studio.

However, despite their dreams, the twins are still immature. Their days go on and on while pursuing the slightest distraction between dream and reality.

One day, the twins find a painting, portraying a strange and dreamlike world, showcasing materials that they had never seen before. Due to finding that mysterious painting, their dream was about to come closer to become a reality.

Lydie Maaren (CV: Maria Nagawa)

Wielding a staff, she is the first of the twins; the older sister. Being the older sister, Lydie has a calm and quiet, also gentle and friendly nature, just like what you expect from a good big sister. She doesn’t excel in sports, but exceptionally amazing in her studies. She also has a unique sense of art. Maybe we could see some of her artworks in the game too, no?

Soeur Maaren (CV: Hikaru Akao)

With two guns in her hands, she is the second of the twins; the younger sister. Soeur is a complete opposite of her twin, Lydie. Just like your typical younger sister, she has this mischievous and bright nature (kinda like her bright attire). Also, judging by her weapon choice, she must have excel in sports. After all, despite she has long hair, Soeur Maaren is a tomboy. Not a total tomboy, though, as she appears to hate insects.

There are saying about don’t judge a book by its cover, but we humans can’t help to get a person’s first impression—their personality—by their appearance. You can definitely see Lydie is the calm type and Soeur is the cheerful type by this official artwork.

Atelier Liddy and Soeur Officially Confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch; Many Info Revealed!

Despite their difference in nature, the twins have a strong bond. Just like what you expect from a twin.

Atelier Liddy and Soeur Officially Confirmed for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch; Many Info Revealed!

It looks just like Lydie is watching and taking a good care of Soeur, no? A big sister that’s taking care of her little sister. Epecially if there are no mother figure in the house.

The World Inside The Painting

Who knew there will be a world inside a painting, huh? The Maaren twins surely did not expect they will be sucked into the painting they found in the house basement. Even more unexpected for them is the world inside the painting, and the materials they found within; materials that cannot be found in the real world. They can use these materials to fulfill requests, and increase their Atelier rank. They can explore more worlds as their rank increase. The first painting world they visit is a mysterious land with fascinating scenery and flowers.


The twins can freely explore the area and gather materials.

Fun fact! Gust apparently have an idea to add other Atelier installment, and even Blue Reflection world with the painting, as the game’s theme is “Exploring inside the World of Painting”. Sadly they have to put down the idea because world settings.

I personally thinks its kinda weird seeing the twins inside Blue Reflection‘s world. Their styles don’t really fit the world, but maybe it’s just me feeling weird, as i remember the Sailor Moon-esque magical girls in Blue Reflection.

The Gameplay, Synthesis, and Combat

Moving along with other important details, While Atelier Lydie and Soeur has twin protagonists, we can’t choose to play as Lydie or Soeur. It has everyday features that fans of the series are familiar, though.

It also has the the same Synthesis puzzle that was in other Mysterious chapters. Even so, there will be a new addition—improvements. Take a look at the Synthesis screenshots below.

It shows Lydie synthesizing an attack item. In there, the player uses an Activation Item that can change the tiles’ color just like in Othello (the game, not Shakespeare’s work). The color change affects the formula results; the tile was filled with green colors that increases wind elemental damage. This Activation Item is one of the new things within the gameplay.

The other new thing resides in the combat system.

Yes, i know there’s nothing new within the combat screenshots. It only shows Soeur shooting at a monster, and Lydie waving at us (look at that pretty face!). Still, we can’t deny there really is something new with the combat system; the Combination Battle and Battle Mix.

Combination Battle

This involves the battle party formation that consists of three pairs with a total of six participating characters (including Lydie and Soeur). Like usual, the front line directly controls the battle; they confront and attack the enemies, with support from behind. You can control what the front party will do, but not the rear party. The actions for the rear are automatically selected according the front party actions. Even so, you can still make a nice and even flashy combos with these mechanics.

Battle Mix

It got ‘Mix’ in its name, so it is a mechanics where you can ‘mix’ things. To be precise, this mechanics allows you to synthesis during battle that can automatically be used. Don’t ask me how in the world the have the time to synthesize something in the middle of a battle.

After all, it is a game, and one can’t ask a logical explanation for everything that happens in a game world. It can ruins the mood.

Special Edition and Early Purchase Bonuses!!

Oh don’t you dare think that’s all we have for Atelier Lydie and Soeur! We still have an exciting news for the game!! It has Special Edition and Early Purchase Bonuses!!!

First of all, the early purchase bonuses. Before we go there, let me remind you about these ladies.

Marie and Elie from Atelier Marie: Alchemist of Salburg and Atelier Elie: Alchemist of Salburg 2 respectively from left to right. You know what this means? YES! To celebrate the series’ 2oth anniversary, Lydie and Soeur will get Marie and Elie costumes! THat is, IF you manage to get the first print of Atelier Lydie and Soeur: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting print in Japan.

Yes. In Japan. Sad news for those who don’t live in Japan, no? But, at least you can still get the special editions!

Even though there are still now printing in some of the goodies image, you can’t deny they are the official Premium Box and 20th anniversary box. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself.

Now here’s a detail for what’s inside these boxes (if you don’t understand Japanese words at all in the web).

The Premium Box contents:

  • Atelier Lydie and Soeur: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting Art Book
  • Extra Tracks and Voice CD
  • B3 Cloth Poster
  • A set of three mini clear postcards
  • Download code for in-game items

The 20th Anniversary Box have pretty much the same contents as the Premium Box, with some additions:

  • Atelier Sophie and Firis Art Book
  • Crystal Paperweight

Those two items seems like a really nice addition in your collections, are they not? Be sure to get it!

Atelier Lydie and Soeur: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting will be available for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Nintendo Switch this Winter in Japan.

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