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Aksys Games Issues Otome Visual Novels for Western Release!

Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows

If you are a big fan of Visual Novels, especially Otome, then this will be a very good news for you. What’s the reason? Well… One of game publishers decided to do a little revolution. Curious? Read along this passage.

Aksys Games declares an all out Otome Visual Novels for Western release. So, for Western players, English spoken countries and others with English-based language, rejoice! For this company will be your ace in localizing Otome games. Here are the lists of Otome Visual Novels that will get Western release:

Psychedhelica of the Black Butterfly and Psychedhelica of the Ashen Hawk

psychedhelica of the black

The Pysdhelica Series narrates about a lone girl without memories. In search of her memories, she meets with a man without his memories too. These two then are involved in an unknown adventure as they try to find their memories, hunting Black Butterfly and collecting Kaleidoscope Shards from them. For more information, you may click this link.

The game is planned to be launched sometime next year for PlayStation Vita.

Bad Apple Wars

Bad Apple Wars

Again, Bad Apple Wars narrates the story about a girl involved in a afterlife school. Apparently, she is kidnapped by an unknown to join the school, namely Nevaeh Academy. As she find herself in the unknown situation, more mysteries deliberately emerge. She has to follow the rules, and Graduation will allow her to Resume Life. However, she has to solve the school’s problems as the school is involved in the conflict between Delinquent Team Bad Apples and Disciplinary Committee. A Red-haired Man is the key to all of school’s problems, and the girl crosses path with him sometime in the story.

The following link allow you to read the details of the game. And this game will launch in North America on September 29th.

Collar X Malice

Collar X Malice

The game narrates about malice found in Shinjuku caused by a dangerous shadow organization, bringing chaos to the city. You, as a police officer, finds yourself targeted by the organization which attaches a poisonous collar to your neck. You have to solve the problem haunting Shinjuku, rescuing its residence before the time runs out. What will you do, saving yourself or the city’s inhabitants? And who will you trust along the way? The choice is yours to make.

Key Features:

  • Many Paths to the Truth – choose your endings by choosing options provided by the story! Some branches may end up bringing better ending, or even unique ending!
  • Stalked by Death, Bound by Malice – Allows you to use your detective intuition. Deadly collar attached to your neck holds the key to solve mysteries.
  • Mind Bending Narrative with Massive Amounts of Gameplay – the game provides intriguing characters, visuals and story full of mystery! These features will make you cry for more!

Read this if you want a detail for the game. It is rumored that the game will launch sometime before the end of July for PlayStation Vita.

Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~

Code Realize

The game narrates about a girl named Cardia who lived in isolation at an abandoned mansion outskirts of London. She is labelled as a monster due to her ability which allows her to melt anything she touches. Stay out of sight and Never fall in love, two sentences entrusted by her father that confided her even more. Arsene Lupin, a thief, encounters her and brings her to an exciting journey, a journey to find her father. However, as their adventure continues, more gentlemen pop out to help her find her father.

This post allows you to understand the game even more. For your information, the collection of Otome Visual Novels includes Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~  for PlayStation 4. It is announced to be released sometime next year in North America.


7'scarlet pic

The story narrates about an event which is taking place on summer vacation. The event revolves around Hanamaki Ichiko and Kagutsuchi Hino to look for her older brother who disappears without a trace. Okunezato, a forbidden, legendary place which becomes the game’s primary focus attracts the two, as they assume that the missing older brother will be there, bringing more and more mysteries.

The post allows you to understand the story even better. It will be released sometime next year in North America for PlayStation Vita.

Aksys Games will localize some Otome Visual Novels sometime along this year and next year for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.
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