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Akiba’s Beat Protagonist Trailer Shows Off The REAL Power of a NEET!

Akiba's Beat Protagonist Close up Asahi Tachibana

Acquire just shared a new trailer for Akiba’s Beat protagonist, which shows off an introduction to the main hero Asahi Tachibana as a lazy yet honest powerful NEET hero. You can check his trailer below.

The opening line in the above video is “I don’t want to work, and I’ll never want to work” (thanks Siliconera). He says that the doesn’t have any hope for the future, but he also doesn’t want to die. He doesn’t shame himself as a NEET, yet he also honest and determined to figure out what happens in Akiba. You can also check how powerful he is in battle in the above trailer.

Akiba's Beat Protagonist - Asahi Tachibana

Let me show you, the power of a NEET hero!!

Akiba’s Beat will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this fall for Japan, and for North America this winter. Check out all the characters profile here.


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