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Action RPG Tokyo Xanadu Will be Localized for US Region By Aksys on 2017!

Tokyo Xanadu Cover

During the Anime Expo 2016, Aksys announced that they will localize the action RPG Tokyo Xanadu for US region! The game will be released for Windows PC and PS Vita. There is no mention about localizing Tokyo Xanadu Ex+, the updated version of the game for PS4.

Action RPG Tokyo Xanadu PS Vita Japanese Cover Version

Japanese PS Vita cover version for Tokyo Xanadu

Below is the description for the game:

Tokyo Xanadu is an action-RPG being released by Falcom that primarily follows two 17 year old students from Morimiya High School, along with their classmates. When Kou Tokisaka stumbles upon Asuka Hiiragi fighting mysterious creatures known as ‘Greed’ he is thrown into a whole new world filled with action and danger.

Tokyo Xanadu Characters - Kou, Asuka, etc

Greed are creatures that wander complex labyrinths in the ‘Other World‘, coming in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Normal weapons from the real world are ineffective against them; only Soul Devices made from spirit particles that can hurt them. Entering the Other World is made possible by Eclipses, or special gates between the two worlds that can only be seen by ‘The Qualified‘.

Tokyo Xanadu gate point

Each character fights differently as they each use different Soul Devices which effect both attack speed and range. The most basic attacks used are Standard Attacks which are up close and personal, with well-timed button presses enabling players to pull off attack chains. Each character also has three different types of special Skills at their disposal – shooting, aerial, and power abilities. Shooting being long distance, aerial being mid-air, and power being charged up attacks.

Tokyo Xanadu Battle Screenshot

Players can customize their Soul Devices from the settings screen, where you can modify each device using the items and raw materials picked up throughout their journey. You will be able to set your main weapon attribute, as well as learn new abilities and strengthen existing ones.”

Tokyo Xanadu will be released for PC (digital) and PlayStation Vita (physical and digital) sometimes in the first half of 2017 for US.


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