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Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz Gets Kickstarster Campaign

Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz

Pixel Princess Blitz is an action RPG with a living world where you can explore a vast interactively world.

In the game, NPCs will has a different role and some of them have an adventure, just like you. The game story plot is changes upon your choice acts toward the game. The NPCs could will lend a hand, or want to kill you, because you makes them to. Should you choose to be friend with this fishy guy? or beat him out? or should you help this dangerous wounded looking guy? your choice!

These NPCs will change the story, depending on how you interact with them, or even when you never meets them. The NPCs could alter the story plot on how their adventure has been. Some NPCs could be meet and kill a monster, and become a hero for other.

Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz

As kuruna, you can choose a town you want to settle, and help it flourish by establishing and upgrading new buildings with gathered resources. Help the town your town happy and defended, you would have to explore wilderness, or complete dungeon to finish a quest. There could be a deep dungeon that difficulty increase over time. You would be heading there to obtain unique / rare items to equip, or treasures to boost your town’s wealth.

Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz

You need to manage your resources, because you could possibly die exhausted(I’m serious.. you can die in the game, and yeah, it’s mean game over). But don’t worry, the stranger you met and help in a forest before might come and help you, or not. The developer points out that, the game is hard, but fair.

Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz

Pixel Princess Blitz will feature real-time action against its enemies, with a huge motion palette including melee and ranged attacks, blocking, dodging, deflecting, spells and special moves. You will use a variety of weapons to fight a variety animated creatures. These can happen in towns or dungeons, and will be based on your own choice events that lead each battle or invasion be unique and exciting. While Pixel Princess Blitz is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, you can check the awesome trailer below.

Pixel Princess Blitz will be available for PC in future.

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