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Action RPG Happy Dungeons is Available for Xbox One Now

Happy Dungeons - Feature

Meet Happy Dungeons, the new action RPG delivered by indie Tokyo-based studio Toylogic. The game is an upbeat multiplayer coop RPG, where you and your friends (up to 4 players) will embark on a very action-packed adventure to defeat various villains in your way. Check out the game’s key features below.

The action RPG that everyone can enjoy — Happy Dungeons is an upbeat action-packed RPG crammed with all kinds of delights, for up to four players. Just watching the high-speed action play out as the bullets fly and the screen fills with foes is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face! If you run into an enemy you can’t take down alone, it’s time to team up with some friends and show that bad guy who’s boss! We hope you enjoy the fantastic party-based action that’s perfect for little lunatics!


Cartoon style combined with gut-punching action  Just looking at Happy Dungeons’ lively, comical graphics, no one would guess it punches as hard as a full-on action RPG! A momentary lapse in judgment could be the death of you! Think you can handle the pressure of such high-intensity battles? Make use of powerful special moves, skills to revive your allies, or deadly spears to send formidable enemies flying! You can even command an army of minions with special abilities to fight your way to victory, and the rage combo system will provide the brute strength you need to fight your way out of danger!


Unlimited character customization — With Happy Dungeons you can customize your characters to your heart’s content. The tinkering doesn’t stop at weapons and armor! You can modify your character’s skills and appearance, and even their personality traits! So put together your own little hero and set forth on a new adventure!


Updated regularly with new quests and events — To ensure a multiplayer action game stays fresh and exciting, we believe it’s important to keep things energized with regular updates. That’s why we’re always adding new content to the Daily Dungeons, Story Dungeons, and Event Dungeons, not to mention new equipment items, skills, character customization options, and much more! Happy Dungeons also features a link-up function with the multiplayer action game “Happy Wars”, so users who play both games will be rewarded with stupendous gifts!

You can now download Happy Dungeons for free on Microsoft Store. Still not sold? Check out the game’s newest trailer and screenshots.

Happy Dungeons - Screenshot 1

Happy Dungeons - Screenshot 3

Happy Dungeons - Screenshot 2

Happy Dungeons is now available for Xbox One on Microsoft Store. You can read more indie coverages here.


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