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5 Pokémon GO Safety Tips – Be Careful on Being the Very Best!

Pokemon GO - Gameplay screenshot

Pokémon GO is one of the most highly anticipated augmented-reality game since it was first announced. The idea of Pokémon GO is to allow players to go out and capture Pokémons not just in nearby neighborhoods but, every places. In other words, this is the dream of every people who grew up enjoying the Pokémon franchise; to be the Pokémon master, to be the very best like no one ever was.

The game has been released for iOS and Android less than a week ago, and there have been a lot that are going on. If you have been around the internet these past few days, you might have seen/read some articles concerning Pokémon GO, such as using Pokémon GO to target armed-robbery victims, a 19-year-old found a dead body while playing Pokémon GO, and many more.

Pokemon GO - Major Accident - Hoax

One of the issue that has been causing an uproar in social media lately is the story about a major car accident in a highway because of a man stopped in the middle of it to catch a Pikachu. However, the story was later updated as a hoax.

We do know that this is the closest we can get to be a Pokémon master but, safety should still be your top priority. In any way, we would like to encourage you to be careful and stay alert on your exploration to catch Pokémons. Here are some important safety tips as provided by Forbes:

  • Stop to catch your Pokémon: Most of Pokémon GO can safely run in the background, or at least with little attention being paid to it. Walking for eggs and experience you can do without looking at the screen, and it’s pretty easy to just grab pokéstops as they come up. Catching an actual Pokémon, however, requires a bit more attention. You’ve got to find the thing on your screen, you’ve got to flick a ball at it, and sometimes you’ve got to flick another ball. Protip: this is when you’re going to walk into a tree, or worse. Not that I’ve done that. So make this be the one action you don’t perform while actually walking. Stop, move to the side, catch your Pokemon, and move on. You might look weird, but there are worse things.
  • Stay hydrated, wear a hat: It’s July. It’s hot. You see some rustling grass around the corner, you nag another Doduo, you see some more, you keep moving, and sooner or later you’re a mile away from home and succumbing to the early stages of heat stroke. This was the biggest problem I encountered in my first two days of play: I was having a great time, but getting pretty dehydrated by doing so. So take all the normal precautions you might if you were going on a hike or something: bring a water bottle or plan to walk by places where hydration will be available, wear sunscreen, and wear a hat. Pokémon GO is currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, so this tip is mostly for those in the northern hemisphere, judging by what I’ve seen on the Internet about the weather down under.
  • Remember that your phone will buzz: Again, catching a Pokémon is the most involved thing you’re going to be doing in this game. Very little else requires you to keep your eyes glued to your screen while you do it, and so don’t keep your eyes glued to your screen. If you just want to you can just walk, let the app run in the background, put your phone down and wait for it to buzz when a Pokémon is near. Or take a look at the map, identify some rustling grass and put your phone away until you get there. You’ll know when the Pokémon is near, and then you can stop to catch it. The goal is to avoid moving while you’re staring at your phone, and the game makes it easy enough to do.
  • Don’t wander into police stations: Unless you’re a cop, I guess, but then it’s not really wandering, is it? Pokéstops and gyms show up in all sorts of places, and not all of them are the sort of places you want to just show up in unannounced. One police department had to tell people to stop coming inside to play the game, advising them that Sandshrew would still be there later. One of the best parts of Pokémon GO is that it sends you to all sorts of places you wouldn’t end up at otherwise, but some common sense is required as well. Remember that nearly everything you need to do in this game you can do from the street.
  • Don’t play while driving: Don’t. Just don’t.

Pokémon GO is now available in selected countries (and more to come) for iOS and Android.


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