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428: Shibuya Scramble Western Release Date Is Delayed

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Alright, guys. I know that this news is suck. But this is it! Spike Chunsoft decided to delay the western release date of 428: Shibuya Scramble.

Previously, the visual novel was planned to have its release this Spring. But then they decided to delay it to this summer in North America and Europe. Once released, 428: Shibuya Scramble will be available for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer here:

And here’s a brief rundown on the game via Nichegamer:

Originally released in 2008, 428: Shibuya Scramble finally arrives in the West for Steam and for the PlayStation 4 system! Revolving around the lives of five protagonists who get dragged into a kidnapping case, you must make choices for each character that will undoubtedly alter the story for another, all within a ten-hour period. This creates the possibility of over 50 different endings!

With an unconventional palette consisting of text, live action stills, and video sequences to paint the narrative, 428 provides humor, uniqueness, and much intrigue that will entice you to reach all endings.

 And of course you might want to know about the features of the game. So here you are:

  • A Mosaic of Mediums – Unlike traditional visual novels, the narrative is presented with a palette of different mediums, combining text, live action stills, and video sequences.
  • Non-linear Storytelling – Five Protagonists. 10 Hours. Decisions made in one character’s story can affect the story of another character in unforeseen ways, culminating in a total of over 50 different endings!
  • Famitsu Fresh – One of the very few titles to ever receive a perfect score (40/40) from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu Weekly!

428: Shibuya Scramble will be available for western in this year’s Summer for PC and PlayStation 4.

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