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12 Most Viral RPG and Visual Novel News in 2016

2016 12 most viral news

In a few more days, 2016 is coming to an end. Even though we will leave 2016 behind us, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t forget everything this year has brought to us. Now might be the appropriate time to look back what has happened in this year. Thus, we bring you 2016 12 most viral news from RPG and VN world!

1. Persona 5 Is Released in Japan

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

AtlusPersona 5 is finally released in Japan. The game comes out on September 15th. The English version, however, has to undergo a delay in release date from February to April 2017.

2. Final Fantasy XV Is Officially Released!

Final Fantasy XV - Noctis and the gang

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV is finally released! The game makes it on November 29th this year. In addition, Square Enix also released epic live action trailers to spice up the day.

3. Digimon World Next Order Gets ‘International’ Version

Digimon World Next Order Comparison Trailer

Bandai Namco has announced that Digimon World: Next Order English version will get a western release! Next Order was previously released for PS Vita in Japan while the westerner will get this game for PS4.

4. The Revelation of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally announced the look of Nintendo NX. It is revealed as Nintendo Switch! This latest gaming platform from Nintendo is a hybrid of home console and handheld device. It also features a separate controller for users looking to play separately from the screen!

5. Square Enix Announced Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Logo

The October issue of Nintendo Dream confirmed that Dragon Quest XI scenario is almost complete! It should be noted that the game is hinted to be released simultaneously for three platforms: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

6. Final Fantasy IX Comes to Smartphone, Later to Steam Too

Final Fantasy IX Cover Logo

Final Fantasy IX, originally released for PlayStation, launch for Android and iOS! Downloading the game before Februari 21st will give you a 20% off price! Moreover, the PC version is coming to Steam for only US$16.79 until April 20.

7. Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Is Launched

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice

The long awaited sixth series of the Ace Attorney is now available! Nintendo has just released an exciting new trailer alongside the game, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. It is coming to 3DS on September 8th.

8. The Super-Viral Pokémon GO, Followed by Pokémon Sun & Moon

Pokemon GO Brings Generation 2 Pokemon

Pokémon GO, which released on July this year, becomes super-viral! It gets many shout-out, from having a companion device called Pokémon GO Plus until getting its concept used by Maroon 5! Following the game, a new game for Pokémon in console, Pokémon Sun & Moon, has the best launch in the franchise’s history!

9. Lady Layton

Lady Layton Title

During Level-5 Vision 2016, Level-5 announced their upcoming Professor Layton series’ game, Lady Layton! This game’s full title is Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy. This upcoming puzzle adventure will release for 3DS, Android, and iOS next year. Check the trailer and story here!

10. Kingdom Hearts Series Gets a Lot of Teaser, From 2.8 Release Date to KH: Unchained χ Season 2

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Limited Edition

Square Enix seems to like to tease their fans! Kingdom Hearts gets teased a lot this year. Firstly, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 gets a new release date, which is on January 12th 2017 in Japan and the 24th in US. In addition, through Famitsu interview, Nomura talked about ‘Season 2’ of Unchained χ . Furthermore, we can also see Riku and Kairi‘s hooded outfits in Kingdom Heart χ key art. It raised a question; does Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Kairi’s outfit somehow confirmed?

11. Attack on Titan Visual Novel

Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death - Feature

Ruby Party, a game development team from Koei Tecmo, is currently working for a 3DS visual novel adaptation of Attack on Titan! The game will be titled Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death! Read the brief overview and screenshots here.

12. Big Events in This Year

E3 2016 Report Poster

A lot of big events for games were held this year: Tokyo Game Show, E3 2016, Level-5 Vision, and the newest one is Jump Festa 2017. You can check the summary report of TGS 2016, E3, and Level-5 Vision we’ve covered!

This concludes the most remarkable news in 2016 coming from us. Reading the list above, it is clear that Square Enix brings a lot of surprises for its fans. Likewise, Pokemon Universe is on a roll this year with Pokemon GO and Sun & Moon. We’re going to looking forward to other news they’ll bring next year!

Do you have more news you like to add? Feel free to give your comment!


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