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Valkyrie Connect Preview – Take the Mystic Rune Knife to Prevent Ragnarok!


General Information:

  • System                                       : iOS/Android
  • Release Date                           : November 24, 2016
  • Publisher/Publisher           : ATeam

Another popular mobile game from Japan got English release last month, that game was Valkyrie Connect. This game made by ATeam, the team behind another popular game, Unison League,  was highly success in Japan. Valkyrie Connect let you to experience this curious combination of Norse mythology and a Japanese anime aesthetic.


The battle in the Valkyrie Connect use autoplay feature where the party will attack the enemies head on in the stage battle. And with that we didn’t need to do anything because the party move but itself but when a character’s gauge fills, you could use a Action Skill to attack enemies with special attack. On top of that the characters have another high level special attack that could be linked with another party member. This Limit Burst you can only use once per charge and linked just with the character that has same Limit Burst skill. So it needs more tactic when selecting party member to make the most effective member. Valkyrie Connect has multiplayer feature to battle Gargantuan monster. Here you could team up with other player against one battle with giant enemies.


Valkyrie Connect allowed you to promote your characters and reforge your gear to their highest rarity of five stars. Along with promoting your characters and reforging your Gear, you can gather Orbs from Quests that can be set to your characters to boost their base stats.

The story mode in this game set in a mystical world of fantasy, features figures from Norse mythology. The main objective is to take on formidable foes with the ultimate aim of preventing the end of the world, known as Ragnarok. The game’s lore is scripted by famous Japanese scenario writer Sou Yoda, who is known for his work on title such as 7th Dragon III and CRIMINAL GIRLS.

There also a Hero Quest, a mini stories about individual character you have. The main function of Hero Quest is to get Soul Crystals so you can promote your heroes. To get Soul Crystals you have to go through that characters Hero Quest. Each Hero Quest is unique but it’s length based on the star rank. 1 Stars have short stories with just a few levels where 3 Stars are much longer and can have up to 30 different levels within their quest.


Like other game free-to-play mobile game these days, you need a characters that strong or has good stat and skill. What that make this game unique this game has special story for each character you got. However low star characters could be evolve to higher lever, though. So whatever characters you got it won’t go wasted.

Valkyrie Connect is already release in iOS and Android.

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