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Valiant Force Preview – Assemble Your Valiant to Fight Darkness

Valiant force 1

General Information:

  • System                                         : iOS/Android
  • Release Date                            : November, 2016
  • Publisher/Publisher            : XII Braves/Funplus

Valiant Force is free-to-play mobile game from Singapore developer, XII Braves. This game feature turn based strategic game. With beautiful characters art that we could evolve their class, set their equipments and unlock many skills. There also a Garrison, a city-building system which adds more functions to aid players. Different structures can be built here, each with its own unique function. This game Music composed by the famous Hitoshi Sakimoto that known as Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story Composer.

You could watch the trailer below:

The story began when the Blood Demon run amok in wedding ceremony between two kingdoms. The Demon slaughtering all the guards and unarmed guests. However, unknown to him, three legendary Valiants attended the ceremony in secret that day. Peerless heroes unmatched in skill, their ferocious counterattack forced the hooded figure to have no other choice but to retreat. As the Valiants gave chase, Leon, young and eager to impress, saw an opportunity to prove himself and joined the pursuit.

Before the battle began we could set position for our characters before battle, also we could set their equipment. The accessories, weapons and armor are diverse for each classes. Like the characters, we could draw the equipment from shop using money in-game. Even you got low level equipment, you could upgrade it to gain more power. You also could use items to boost the success rate. There are 3 different success rates, with Mega Success being the best.

Valiant force 4                                              Valiant force 6

The battle starts the party formed in 3×6 battle grid. To attack the enemies I have to slide the character grid to enemies in their attack area. The characters has their own Active skill and Passive aura. The Active skill could be use to attack enemies, but it has to cool down first before to use it again. The cool down is based on the characters move in battle. The Passive Aura has more unique way to use. The aura activates when the requirements are fulfilled, and there is no cool-down timer. Aura skill will only affect the ally in the position where the red arrow (on the 4 sides of each hero portrait) is pointing. Aura changes as characters advances into different classes.

All the characters will began with their base class when we recruit them. There are six base class in this game, Defender, Champion, Shadow, Mystic, Healer, and Ranger. With Train the classes could be expanded to higher level. Not just one, but more higher level class you could obtain later. You could see the example class tree below or you could see the the other class tree in our report here.

Valiant force 2                  Valiant force 3

We could build our own city with Garrison system. The main function is this Garrison is Town Hall. Town Hall itself has the expedition function, which is able to send heroes out to gather more gold and rewards. Also we could built Structure that we could choose to built our Garrison. The Structure choice is diverse like Farms, Gold mine, Alchemy lab, and even weapon forge. As our Garrison level increased, we could built more and more structure to our Garrison.

There are many features in this game that I could not meet yet. So far this game is quite interesting because the gameplay isn’t that difficult. There also a lot of thing to do besides doing quest, like Garrison systems. If you lack of characters, this game provide you free to draw a character per two days. This very nice opportunity because we couldn’t draw very often.

Valiant Force is already release in iOS and Android.

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