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The Tale of Armageddon Retold in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is HD Remake from Odin Sphere that released in 2007 for Playstation 2. When I played it 9 years ago Odin Sphere was an amazing side-scrolling JRPG game that I played in PS2 era. When I heard this game would be remade I thought it only HD upgrade just like another “HD remake” game. But I was wrong. Vanillaware, as the developer, not just improved the graphic but they remodeled the whole systems like new-brand game.

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The old and new Menu UI

You can play as 5 different characters with their own stories in the world of Erion. You cannot choose the character freely, however. You have to play as Gwendolyn first and other character will be unlocked when each story ended. After that, you can go back to other character as you want. There are no different for story in Leifthrasir. Everything is still the same as I remembered. I am glad they didn’t add anything in story because the story already beautiful as it is. If you didn’t familiar with the characters, you can check out the description about all 5 characters here.

The battle is still like the original, you just press square button to attack and make combos. Each attack will cost POW and the bar will filled up again when you walk or absorb Phozon (some character has different way to fill their POW bar). In Leifthrasir, the battle feel smoother than before. You can make combo in ground or make your enemy flying and chain combo in the air. I play the PSV version and it’s so great, I didn’t encounter any drop framerate or trouble at all.


The new thing about gameplay, that I think the best part, are Psypher skill and Abilities. Both are new additions in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. Psypher skills are active and passive skills that you can obtained by fulfilling certain condition. You can activated the active skill in battle whenever you want to fight enemies. There are some skill that cost POW but mostly it cost PP (Phozon Point). This skill need to level up too and it need phozons in other to do it. In the end of story of each character, they will get the Ultimate Skill, the stronger Psypher skill like Limit Break in Final Fantasy.

The Abilities just passive skill but very useful, like reduce damage or get discount in shop also enhance the capabilities of character. This abilities can be unlocked with ability point, this point increase whenever you level up. You can check how the combat and skill works in our previous report here.


The Skill Menu

The most interesting part about Odin Sphere (and all Vanillaware’s games) is food. Every food in Odin Sphere is very deliciously drawn and the way the character eat also very detail. The food not only eye-catching but also very important to heal your HP and increase EXP. In Leifthrasir, you can call touring restaurant that will cook for you as long as you had the recipes and ingredients in any stage rest area. Or You can just go to Pooka village to eat at restaurant or cafe but you have to pay with coins.

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Nothing is bad with all new systems in Leifthrasir, everything is so great to me. Even the music re-arrangement is beautiful. I felt like playing Odin Sphere for the first time and make me so excited to play this until the end. If you want to play the original PS2 version, there are option “Classic mode”. This mode is just updated the graphic without the new systems. I don’t feel this classic mode is necessary but if anyone who like the original better should grab this game in newer console.

If you buy the first print edition you will get the 64-page softcover artbook with the beautiful artwork of Odin Sphere’s world. It has some in-depth character introduction, places and don’t forget, the food arts. There are Collector edition too called the Storybook Edition but it’s only for Playstation 4 exclusive.


Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. You can read all post related to Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir here.

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