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Sage Fusion – A Hybrid RPG with an Engaging Space Opera Storyline

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Sage Fusion Episode 1: The Phantom of Liberty is a hybrid adventure RPG with Visual Novel style. This game made by Kidalang, the game developer from Indonesia. The story and background art in this game are mostly hand-drawn. The story is about where human can travel in space at free will. The two protagonist accidentally involved in conflict between two major political powers, the liberal government and the fanatical church, in the capital city of Capistad.

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Even this game has Visual Novel style, you can explore the area freely. When you control the character, it just like point-and-click game, just touch the screen wherever you like.  Sometimes it will trigger some dialogue when you touch something in the background. You can pick items too if you pay attention some background that looked different.

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We only visit one city but the area we could explore was quiet huge. There were many NPCs that we could talked to. Some NPC will gave you a mini quest. It could search people or items that made us to running all the way around the city. The quest could be missable if you just follow the main story. Even the quest is quiet simple but it’s  very useful. You will be rewarded with some items or unlock new area.

Unfortunately, the response in this game is quiet slow. I have to touch repeatedly until the character move by itself. It’s the same when I want to switch area. I have to touch the most-end screen until an arrow appear. After I touch the arrow, the character could move to other area. I always stuck in an area for too long because the arrow is very slow to appear. I have the same experience when talked to the NPC. I have to wait a bit to see the text box.

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Battle in this game used turn-based style but using AP (Action Point). The character just had HP and AP in battle. Each character had two or three kind of attack and required some AP in order to use it. When you use item it cost AP too. Just select the attack and touch the enemies to attack them. But it didn’t stop until there. You could strike more damage and gained more AP if you break the enemy’s defense. When you begin to attack, you will see shield icon above the enemies. If you touch in the right time the enemy’s defense will lower. It’s the same with our character too. If you could touch shield icon, the damaged would be lesser and gained more AP. When enemies defeated, you could took item from them.

Even Sage Fusion is a RPG game, there are no progression system. No level up or equipment. The character’s HP and AP capped to 100 and 10 respectively. To win the battle is about timing when you touch the shield icon. In the small battle you could die easily if you failed to defend yourself. Although you could use supplementary item like recovery or grenade but it will run out fast. Because there are no money or even shop to buy item. You just got item from quest or found them in the city.

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This game is more like Visual Novel with battle if I say so myself. It so focus about art and story but lack of battle system like I said before. If you can’t stand to read so many text, this game is not for you. I quite enjoy the story and the characters although it’s too short. Well, it’s just first chapter anyway. The Kidalang already released the second chapter that you could buy in selected platform.

Sage Fusion Episode 1: The Phantom of Liberty is already available for Android, PC, and iOS now.

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