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Monster Hunter Stories Preview – Little Adventure With Your Monstie!

Monster Hunter Stories - Key Art Title

General Information:

  • System                                        : Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date                           : September 8th, 2017
  • Developer/Publisher          : Capcom / Nintendo
  • Main Series                               : Monster Hunter


You can watch the trailer below

Monster Hunter Stories is one of spin-off from famous Action RPG Monster Hunter. This game wanted to approach new player with something new. Just like the title of the game, Monster Hunter Stories is story-focused game. I never play Monster Hunter because I suck with action-based system but this game use turn-based system, something I familiar with. This made me curious to explore the demo even further.

The story is about three kids hunting for monstie egg in the forest. Three of them found an egg and successfully hatched it despite not being a Rider, but after that their village attacked by black monsties and the monsties they found before gone missing. A year after that the protagonist follow the ritual to become a full fledged Rider. With Navirou, the mysterious cat. You could choose the protagonist gender and costumize them whatever you want.

Monsters that you’ve bonded with are called “Monsties.” As a Monster Rider, you can create a team of Monsties to travel, explore, and battle with you. But first, you’ve got to find them. Monster dens are where you’ll find egg nests. Try to get away with an egg. You may find a monster guarding the nest. You had to defeat the monster first to get the egg. Egg patterns can tell you what type of Monstie will be inside. Once you’ve returned to the Stables with a Monstie egg, you can hatch it.

In the village you could buy items and forge your equipment. Forging your equipment with material you already gather would improve your equipment much stronger. You could also taking requests from villager. The quest also could also available in quest board, unlike from villager, this quest you could take again and again. This is a good way to farm money and all kind of items.

Outside the village you will face a huge and vast field. The background is so colorful and beautiful. The field is the source of material you could gather also many monstie swarming around. When you walk around in the field your Monstie will accompanying you, you could ride your Monstie too to walk even faster. When riding you could battle the other Monstie even you could gather material and enter dungeon without get off from your Monstie.

In the battle, your Monstie will join battle beside you. You can select which type of attack to try against the enemy: Technical, Speed, or Power. Your Monstie will attack on its own, but you can offer special items or even issue command, if your Kinship is high enough. That special Kinship Stone you carry on your wrist allows you to form bonds with your Monsties. As you battle, your Kinship gauge will fill up. Once your Kinship is at a certain point, you can select Ride-On to hop on your Monstie’s back and call for powerful Kinship Skills. The higher your Kinship, the more damage you can do. After the battle, you and your Monsties can earn experience points, which eventually lead to leveling up and unlocking more moves. You can also find cool items dropped by your foes.

Monster Hunter Stories - Otomon AbilitiesI really surprise to see Capcom created a gem like this for Monster Hunter series. With colorful background and cheerful environment make me interested for this game. For long time fans, they should try this out because this game has many monster from previous series. Also this is the only way to make the monster become your friend, not just killing it.

Monster Hunter Stories will be released at September 8th in US region for Nintendo 3DS



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