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Learn Kanji Can be Fun in Unique RPG Kanji no Owari

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Kanji no Owari is mobile game from Sekai Project for Android only. If you familiar with Sekai Project name, maybe you would expect a Visual Novel with many moe girl characters. But this isn’t Visual Novel game, more like an Educational Game. Like the title said you will learn Kanji in this game with RPG element in it. You will battle the enemies with your answer as you weapon and strength.

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This game is dedicated to people who wanted to learn japanese language. You can learn how to read Kanji and also its meaning. It also has the difficulty from the easiest to hardest kind of kanji. Not only Kanji, you can also learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana. If you didn’t familiar with Kanji, it’s the best thing to play with Hiragana letter first, then Katakana and then Kanji.

At first you have to choose one job to play the game. There are four option but in the free version you can only choose three of them. Because this about Japan, the job are taking from japanese culture. There are Ronin, Samurai, and Shinobi with character moe girl art . Each of them has their unique active and passive skill. I chose Samurai one because it had balance status and it perfect for new player. This game didn’t restrict you with one job, You can choose other job later on.

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You can increase status with Gold that you can obtain in the battle. There three type of status you can increase, like attack type and defense type. In the beginning of game you, you got 500 Gold and you could use it to increase status. It’s up to you to what your gold invested on. If you focus on attack you can beat enemies quickly but defense is important too. Importantly if you got attacked by enemies a lot, it will game over for you. Don’t get desperate if you die a lot. You can still have the Gold that you already get. But you have to repeat in the beginning of stage though.

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For the battle, it’s quite simple actually. You just touch the screen to attack but because this is an educational game, you must use your brain to attack. When you enter the stage, there are preview letters that would show up in battle. This game it’s like side scrolling but the character running to the front though. You will end up facing the enemies, it would be one or three enemies per turn. The enemies in this game are some kind creature or ghost in the Japanese culture. But the design is quite cute for me.

When you facing the enemies, there would be circle around them. In the top of the circle has one Japanese letter (if you played Kanji letter, it’s the same with Hiragana and Katakana Mode). Around the circle are the Romaji (roman letters, Japanese pronunciation) that you have to choose. If your answer is right, the enemy will get damage but if false you are the one who got damaged. You have to answer quickly because the enemies has time bar that will attack you when the time out. Some enemies has very short time so you have to act very fast too. The worst thing, when your answer is wrong you will got double damage. If you increase your character’s status regularly, you could one-hit attack all enemies.

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This game is perfect for you who wanted to learn Japanese letters but lazy to read books. You can learn while playing game. This is a fun way to study because the Japanese letter is quiet difficult to learn if didn’t used to read another letter than alphabets. If you play the free version the game just has two stages, but if you buy full version there will be more stage that you can explore.

Kanji no Owari is now avalaible in Android.

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