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Laplace M Review – Romantic Adventure MMORPG Adjusted For Mobile Gamers

Laplace M Wallpaper

Some time ago, an adaptation of online PC game, Ragnarog M: Eternal Love, was released on mobile. Not too long after that, Laplace M (Tales of Wind for global version) is released by ZlongGames. Similar with Ragnarog M, Laplace M is also adapted from an online PC game developed by X-Legends entitled, Laplace. Being a PC game adapted into mobile, Laplace M attracts my interest to play it right away.

As stated earlier, Laplace M is an adaptation of online PC game, Laplace, in South East Asia (SEA) Region. Laplace M is developed and distributed by ZlongGames on  March 4, 2019, with MMORPG as the genre of the game. For the global version, Laplace M gets renamed into Tales of Wind due to some considerations. As a mobile game, Laplace M offers better and innovative features for the fans of MMORPG genre.

General Information:

  • System : Android/iOS
  • Release Date : 4 March 2019
  • Developer/Publisher : ZlongGames
  • Main Series : Laplace
  • Download Size : 1.46 GB

About the story, you will be playing in a world called laplace.  When adventuring, you find the leader of a demon army, Shadow Demon that tries to destroy the world. You, as the player, have the chance to become the blessed warrior that can save the world of Laplace. What are the odds to be a badass!

Laplace Intro

Since I have not played the PC version, I cannot compare what new or less in both version of the game. But, for sure, Laplace M has everything what MMORPG game has to offers. Especially, for a game released on mobile, Laplace M has a good chance to rival Ragnarog M, as both games carry many similarities.

At the start of the game, there are four choices of job, warrior, mage, cleric, and assassin that I can choose. Honestly, I feel a bit blue with the minimal selection of jobs that is available. The jobs are too generic and very common in many games of the same genre. But, later in the game, the chosen job can actually be upgraded into one of two new jobs. So, there are actually twelve types of job in the game.

From tons of skills that the job has, there are five active skills that I can set and use in a battle, as well as one passive skill. It is okay I guess since it being a mobile game. BUT, other than the skills from the jobs, I can also set two more skill by equipping monster cards in item socket.

Laplace M Jobs

This feature is not merely copying the monster’s special skills or abilities for me to use, but also giving the character a power to transform into the monster or even boss of the card. This feature boosts my interest to play the game because the tons of possibilities about the use of skills.

Laplace M also offers many more features that can enhance the player’s experience. Features like, Arena, Escort, Affair, Board, and Farm are ready to be tried when you feel bored with the main quests. There are many more unlockable features you can try if the character has reached higher levels. The events are also provided daily and varied. I am sure these things will make the game last for quite some time and attracts many new players.

About the battlefield, Laplace M has two types, field and dungeon. In field, it refers to any place everywhere in the map of Laplace with the difficulty progression gradually increased. Also, everybody can freely roam the field any time. In the other hand, dungeon refers to a battlefield that can only be accessed through special missions or events and the difficulty is often spiked from one to another.

Since Laplace M provides many servers, the chance to play with friends is very limited. I cannot play with my friends who are in different server. This thing could make the players to leave the game because of this ‘small’ issue that prevents players to play together.

Laplace M New Server

Well, I still think that the cartoonist graphic in Laplace M is quite good and pleasing. There are some problems though with the midgame cut scene transition that appear unnatural. The voice-over is so-so in my opinion. Not that good, but still acceptable for a mobile game. Just don’t expect too much with the cut scene and the dub of Laplace M.

As a free mobile game, of course Laplace M has micro transaction in it. The gacha system can rapidly vacuum the player’s money if too much hooked with the game, especially with the huge choice of cosmetics. As far as I play the game, I don’t see any chance of Laplace M being a pay to win game whatsoever. So, it’s safe for free users to enjoy Laplace M too.

Laplace outfit

As a conclusion, Laplace M is fairly worth to play as a filler mobile game if you don’t have any. As graphic and dub being okay, with many features and events, Laplace M surely will hook you to play for months. Laplace M also covers the ‘survivability’ of its free users if you don’t want to spend any penny for the game.

So, what else do you want to know about Laplace M?  Make sure to let me know in the comment.

Laplace M is now available on Android and iOS

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