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Ever Oasis Preview – Become A Chief of Your Own Oasis!

ever oasis

General Information:

  • System                                       : Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date                          : June 23rd 2017
  • Developer/Publisher        : GREZZO/Nintendo


You can watch the trailer below


Ever Oasis that announced last year, finally got a demo few days ago. This new IP from Nintendo is come from creator of Mana series and the team behind this game also developed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. This was my most anticipated game from E3 last year. Now I’m happy to be able play the demo because this game is amazing.

ever oasis demo (2) ever oasis demo (11)








In the demo you played as Tethu, a chief at a Oasis in the middle of the Desert. You has to grow the Oasis with Water Spirit named Esna. This game has many tribes, like Seedling, Lagora, Drauk, Serkah and Noot. A Seedling came to your Oasis seeking for help because of Chaos in the outside. As a Seedling ask for your help, that was a request for you to finished. When you finished it, that Seedling will become a permanent resident in your Oasis and they will open a shop to make your Oasis grow bigger.














The shop called Bloom Booth, could you customize whatever you want. Like place anywhere or change its color. I have to provide the Bloom Booth with any material their needed to grow. As their grow they will evolve and my Oasis will leveled up too. Growing the Bloom Booth also make the owner and villagers happy.

For battle, This game use action-based battle with real time battle and your other party played by A.I. But you could change your main so freely. Tethu held a sword for battle. The sword-type weapon is best against beast enemies. Other party held different type of weapon and very useful for certain type of enemies. You could see a colorful damage icon when you hit enemies or you could see the party status in the menu for what enemies they best at. The battle is so easy. I just need to press A for weak attack and X for heavy attack also dodge-roll with Y. But if you attack aimlessly the enemies could took advantages of you, especially with so many enemies at once. Overall the battle is fun and simple in this demo but in the trailer likely in the full game the battle systems has more depth to it. You can level up when you are back to your Oasis and my HP also recovered.

ever oasis demo (7) ever oasis demo (8) ever oasis demo (14)ever oasis demo (13)













In the desert I could gather material with slashing the cactuses or trees. Also I could mine in the dungeon but with specific characters with ability to mine. Some characters have another unique ability to gather material or explore the dungeon. Because in this game the dungeons are filled with many puzzle. Like Tethu could make a wind to flew the sand. The puzzle is not that hard because the game just told you how to do it. However because this is a demo, this is like a tutorial so the puzzle is so easy to solve.

ever oasis demo (1)

This game is so cute and colorful. Even Tethu is silent-type protagonist, he has cute expression and reaction.  For make the game more cute was when you defeated the enemies their evil persona gone and they became smaller then run. The music is also great, very match with environment in the middle of desert. My main concern just slow the character movement. When party walking in the field it’s feel so slow even when they not wielding their weapon. But when I see the footage and trailer it’s not looked like the demo, I hope the full game will different. This game was so short, just 1-2 hours gameplay but it left big impression for me to play this game even further. I have a big hope for this game to be really amazing.

Ever Oasis will be released in June 23, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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