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Enter New Adventure with Legendary Heroes in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Characters & Logo

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile game phone for Android and iOS developed by A-Lim and published by Square Enix. With the name similiar with other famous work from A-Lim, this game has some elements from Brave Frontier too. Like the gameplay turn-based style with 5 units in battle. The units has their unique abiities, jobs and limit breaks. And like other Final Fantasy, we can summon the Espers.

Each stage in a dungeon will have 3-4 battles in row. As the enemy’s HP wears out it also drop some gems that fills units Limit bar and when that bar filled you can use unit-specific limit breaks with powerful attack. We could use ability that use MP, it could be magic or buff/debuff status. We could set the battle with auto if you want the easy battle, but the units will just auto-attack. Unlike Brave Fontrier, we cannot adjust what units could do other than attack when auto.


The units are from Final Fantasy characters that we could get with lapis. But this game also has their original character that we can summon. Each unit has their own jobs and each jobs that has unique abilities that we can unlock in certain level. Imagine like Final Fantasy Tactics, it almost had systems like that. If you lucky enough, you will get a rarest 5-star unit per draw. Even if you get just 3-star units, you can awaken them to raise their star with certain items. The units with higher star will have higher status and more skill that we can unlock.

We could equip weapons, armors and accesorries for each unit. Something that Brave Frontier didn’t has, this is what make Brave Exvius more like Final Fantasy. We could get the equipments from treasure chest and buy from shop. Or we could Forge it if we have the recipes. For Forge we have to obtain the recipe and certain material in order to make some equipment. Not just Equipment, we could synthesize abilities and other items too.


The other Final Fantasy vibe from this game is, it has the city that we could explore. We could talk with NPC, shopping, and also had some secret path to find treasure chest. It surprised me a lot for that one. Other than that, we could accept quest from NPC too. Quest like give items, beat monster or find items or person. We will receive reward like money or synthesize’s recipes.

Not just in town, you coud explore in the dungeon too, but it has random encounters with enemies. To enter dungeon it cost NRG, a stamina eto enter the dungeon. You could farming items and materials when explore in the dungeon. You cannot leave dungeon unless you defeated the boss. You can escape but all item and exp you gained will be lost. To explore the dungeon you have to finish the story battle first and you could back again to explore the dungeon.

You could gather items and materials in Vortex too. Vortex it’s like daily dungeon in the mobile games. But it doesn’t have schedule to open, the players could open any dungeon they want. You could open one more dungeon but it cost lapis though. Not just that, Vortex has dungeon for gained more EXP and Gil. The highest diffilcuty has more items or EXP but it cost many NRG.

Screenshot_2016-05-26-23-03-09 (292 x 450)

If you runs out NRG you could enter Colosseum to battle with monsters. Colosseum used orb to enter and the orb will filled up again for one hour. Each level will have boss in the end and your rank will goes up after you defeat it. The monster won’t drop items but you could steal it if you bring units with thief ability.

Other thing you could do to spend time is to enhance your Espers. You will get the Espers from the story and you could summon them for powerful attack, just like any Final Fantasy. To enchance them you need Magicite that you get from farming in dungeon and they will gained EXP to get stronger. To summon Esper in battle, the esper/summon bar had to filled up first just like limit bar. Each unit can equip one Esper and it could be any units with other jobs. It didn’t have to summoner to summon the espers.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is like Final Fantasy we know but with microtransaction in it. It has many RPG aspect for mobile game and it’s not just battle but you can do other things. If you love RPG you sure will love this game. With that, FFBE has potential to become console version. I hope SE will consider it though.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is already available for Android and iOS. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.

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