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Cute Yet Astonishing, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is Finally Here – Chapter 1 Review



SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd finally made it, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a series that allowed player to experience the Final Fantasy XV Story in the palm of the hand. Unlike the Final Fantasy XV PC Edition and Royal Edition, this series is dedicated to the fans to feel the different way to play using a simple method like tap to move, tap to talk, and tap to fight, easy for anyone to pick up and play. Honestly I’m not a fan of this game but, a lot of my friends has played this, that’s what made me curious to try this game.


General Information:

  • System                        : Android, iOS
  • Release Date              : September, 2017
  • Developer/Publisher  : SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
  • Main Series                 : Final Fantasy XV


You can watch the trailer below


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Download 567 MB Data

After i downloaded the game via the Google Play Store, i opened it and it ask to download large amount of Data to be able to play, please check your available storage and download the data over Wi-Fi to avoid excess internet data usage by your mobile phone’s carrier.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Broke Down Car

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Quest Involving Giant Creature

The story of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is about the tale of the chosen King, saviour to the star. Player will play the Noctis Lucis Caelum character, the Prince, Heir apparent to the Lucian throne, Noctis’s trials begin when he sets forth from the crown city in order to wed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Accompanied with three friends, Noctis begin his journey from Crown city to Niflheim but, they got numerous obstacles to overcome on their way there. From the damaged car’s engine to quest involving giant creature.

Gladiolus Amicitia act as the bodyguard, his prodigious strength made him as a strong one. Ignis Scientia act as the adviser, battle strategist, his resourcefulness made him as a smart one. Prompto Argentum unlike the others, he is the fun typical guy, made others laugh to his funny side and ligthening his companion’s burden as well as their spirits.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Quest Cleared

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Ascension Point

In Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, player will meet new characters and they will give quest(s) for player to complete. Each quest will grant EXP (Experience Point) and accumulating them will raise the characters’s level. Not just that, by clearing quests, player will receive some AP (Ascension Point) which can be used to unlock new skill and strengthen your character’s techniques in the Ascension: Exploration Page. This is where you need to be mindful, when you unlocking the skills please notice that each skill a cost some AP and each one of them has different cost. For example, you want to build Noctis using greatsword, you must focus in raising the skill tree only at greatsword’s stuff, don’t raise the skill that you don’t need. You can gain more AP by clearing more quest including the side quest(s).


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Items hidden in boxes

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Item Trader

While you try to clearing the quest(s) you can also searching the treasures and collect them up to sell later. You can sell all the treasures you’ve been collecting to the trader to gain some Gil (in-game currency). After you piling some gil, you can buy item from trader to help you getting over quest(s). There are 2 kind of item you can buy, weapons and potions. You can buy weapon for your character (Noctis) and for others (Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto) so they can grow stronger to assist and fight beside you. You can also buy potion to heal the wounded one by filing up the HP (Health Points) or filing up the MP (Mana Points).

Sometime the quests are quite easy to be done but some quests can be challenging yet exciting at the same time. Sometime you will asked to find a person but on your way you will face some monsters make your path rough enough to pass. Thanks to it’s easy control and good graphic, I can play the game and enjoy the beautiful views simultaneously. The graphic is quite good for Pocket Edition and this game has a day-night cycle, although the characters are quite different from the PC/PS4 series but sometimes simple character’s model can be enjoyable too.

As a new player to Final Fantasy, i really enjoy my time playing this game and i interested to know more about the story itself. I recommend this game to another no-fanboy of FF, i guarantee you will have a new experience in playing RPG, you will get both the game and the story, so give it a shot, this game is worthed to try. And if you are a Final Fantasy fanboy, be sure you get this one to complete your game library. You can play the chapter-1 at no cost (Free) and you can play the whole chapter after you buy it at IDR 289K ($19,99). I’m sure fanboys out there will say “Shut up and take my money”. And the last but not least, if you already played this game, drop your thoughts on the comment section, let us know how you feel ’bout this gem.

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