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Chase: Cold Case Investigation ~Distant Memories~ Review – Reveal The Real Truth!

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 General Information:

  • System                                       : Nintendo 3DS (Digital Only)
  • Release Date                           : October 13, 2016
  • Publisher/Publisher           :Arc System Works / Aksys Games

If you familiar with the character design maybe you will aware the similarity with Visual Novel Adventure game Hotel Dusk and The Last Window in Nintendo DS. I’m too interested with this game because of that design. In turns out that the team developer was the former member from Cing, Hotel Dusk developer. This game is like spiritual successor of Hotel Dusk, the character and the situation is almost the same.

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The graphic in this game was quiet different from its predecessor. It still use rotoscoping, an animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage. Characters expression was very detailed. Even some scene very focused with their expression. Like when Nanase lit his cigarette or when Amekura sighing.

The story about two detective from Cold Case Division, Shounosuke Nanase and Koto Amekura. Nanase, a silent and unmotivated detective. And the high-spirited Amekura that always believe their divison will have cases somehow. Their job life in office room just flew by without any important work until they received a phone call that changed all of it.

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The setting in this game are Investigations room and Office room only. Because this is a cold case, the crime scene was already gone. Nanase and Amekura had to rely with old case file, interogated the witness and investigating some photos. With that limited sources, both of them have to brainstorming their theory to reveal the truth.

The most part is, I have to watch carefully their dialogue and remember the important part. Because maybe, the next question would be something about that. It’s multiple choices, but if I chose incorrectly I would get penalty and maybe Game Over. Because I used to with game like this, it’s not that difficult though. If you forgot something the Log function really help you to review previous dialogue.

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It’s the same thing when interrogated the witness. Mostly, I just to hear their story and Nanase will asked something. And it will another multiple choices to me for answer. You will see the bar point in lower screen that would decrease if I chose wrong. It feels like when pressing witness testimony in Ace Attorney game. This is the most important thing to pull the information. Hear witness testimony it’s not enough. Investigating the crime scene was very important, right? But because the crime scene didn’t exist anymore, Nanase and Amekura could only investigate the photo of crime scene. Examine suspicious areas by touching the bottom screen. Random objects may offer up an unexpected discovery.

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Chase: Cold Case Investigations is very short game even for Visual Novel Adventure. Just like Hotel Dusk and Last Window, we didn’t explore many places. Maybe because Nanase’s personality we didn’t move to another place. I just need 1-2 hours to finish this game. I had felt this game has alternate story with how short it is. But it just have one true answer. The story ended with cliffhanger too but the case was solved though. Although this game is quiet cheap but I felt little bit disappointed.

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Fortunately, I got the good news that this game will be episodic and the second chapter is in development. I like the premise in this game it’s very unique from detective game I played so far. The story is quite good and the music support the environment. But I don’t like the short length in this game, though. I hope next episode will be longer and about more intriguing case.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories is now available for Nintendo 3DS worldwide on 3DS eShop. Check out more visual novel coverages here.

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