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Become Warrior of Light in Brand New RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy is the latest role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. This game developed by veterans staff from previous Final Fantasy, like Kazuhige Nojime as Writer and Yoshinori Kitase as Producer. The premise for this game was to take the classic road for the gameplay and the story form previous Final Fantasy. Even the characters from this game similar from the first Final Fantasy.

This game heavily focused for its story and it full voice too. Not just that, the graphic was similar level to a home console. Surprisingly, Square Enix managed to make this game running on mobile phone. It has disadvantage, though. For mobile phone mid-end era like mine, the movement will became so slow. Even you change the setting, the graphic will be crappy. At least I still could see the characters’ face.

Mobius Final fantasy2

To advance character to next area you could touch the node that marked as your next move. At above screen you could see the character walking and encounter the battle instanly, without changing area or loading screen. Usually, you will meet one or four battle per node. At that time you just focus on  the battle because the character will move forward for itself. You could move to the previous node after you cleared it with teleport. But you couldn’t move to random node. You must teleport to the main node first, then move along the path to the other node. You could zoom out or in the world map when it become larger.

As for gameplay systems, Mobius took some element from classic Final Fantasy such as Job systems. The starter job for this game is Onion Knight. Each job can be leveled up using Seed items collected in battle to fill in a skill panel. Once the panel is complete, the job will evolve, such as the Onion Knight evolving into the Warrior class. Another job could evolve too, like Apprentice Mage job could evolve into Wizard job. When changing Job the character’s attire will changed too. If you not patient enough to evolve the job, you could get the other job by draw it from Summon Ticket.

Mobius Final fantasy3

The battle in Mobius use turn based systems with some tactics to attack the enemy. To attack we just simply touch the screen and we could attack three times per turn. Element is main focus in the battle here and you should use tactic to use it. The element point in the upper left screen that called “skillseed”. This skillseed is useful to use the Ability in the battle. Not only that, the skillseed to use Element Drive to raise our resistance to a certain element. When battle the enemy we could see their HP Bar, Break gauge and their element. If you attack the enemies with their weakness, their Break gauge will be decreased and our damage will be stronger against them.

In the battle you will also accompanied by little creature called “Spirit”. This spirit will give buff or heal randomly. By randomly, they really random to help you. Sometimes, when you need them the most they just flying around. But they really useful in battle when you were in a pinch. They could give you Hastening, Healing gift and Element gift. The default Spirit we got was Echo, we will meet her in the story. She is the special Spirit because we could change her attire or appearance by bought it in the shop.

Mobius Final fantasy4

Mobius Final Fantasy was good nostalgia for gamer who loved Final Fantasy. Many variety of references we could see in this game. The story was quite dark but sometimes there was cute dialogue too, especially when Moogle involve. I bit confused with the battle at first, but the longer I played the game the more I got used to it. The game explained itself and it wouldn’t be hard to understand. It just too grand for mobile phone, especially the graphic. In my opinion, Mobius more suitable for home console.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for Android and iOS. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.

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