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Asdivine Dios, Protect Your World in This Popular RPG From Kemco

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Asdivine Dios is the latest installment from Asdivine series made by Kemco. It’s a JRPG game with turn-based battle system for Android and iOS. this is free game with some micro-transaction in it. You can buy the Premium version to get support items that can help you build your character quickly in the beginning. There are also some ads that will pop-ups here and there if you play it free, so beware.

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This game tells about a Spirit Deity, Izayoi, has found himself powerless against the growing tide of chaos that threatens Asdivine world. He will travels alongside three spirit companions with various charm points, as their deeply-rooted human emotions might just be the key to turning things around. This game has some dating-sims element in it. Izayoi will surrounded by a party consisting entirely of women who are romantically interested in him. Depending what your choice, you could trigger different ending on who you show the most favor to.

You will travel all around dungeon to battle with monster and meet the boss in the end of it. There also a world map, here you will also could meet some monsters. It didn’t just dungeons in this game. It also has towns you could visit. In town you could buy some items and equipment. Each town sells incrementally better equipment than the last, offers up a new sub-quest or two, and occasionally allows you to participate in an event to improve Izayoi’s relationships with his fellow party members.

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This game’s battle systems is turn-based like many other JRPG. It also random when encounter monster in the dungeon. The battle is really simple, we could choose command like attack or magic/abilities to attack the monsters. And of course, you could defense too. You could see party and enemy’s turn in the lower left screen. If you want the easy way, you could toggle battle into auto mode. Fortunately, the auto mode will prompt the latest command you used.

Asdivine Dios has unique systems called Unisons. This is created when two characters combine either two skills or two types of magic to produce new and more powerful effects. This just like combining magic between two characters. Because this is very powerful attack and used too much MP (Magic Point), you should use it very wisely in powerful monsters like in the boss battle.

In the dungeon, sometimes you would find treasure chest that contain items or equipments. You could buy stronger equipment in the store or you could synthesizing two weapons to make it stronger. It also increase various effect values. And also with the freedom to add or remove effects as desired and transfer values from one weapon to another, you are able to customize your own ultimate weapon.

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If you wonder if this game has gacha systems or not. The answer is yes, it has. You could obtained ADP (Asdivine Dios Point) to draw a weapon that had bonus status. The weapon’s value is random, obviusly. It could better or worse than you already had. It can be used to unlock extra unison slots and certain accessories sought out. ADP can be purchased in the online shop, earned by fighting battles, mined for in boulders, or by defeating powerful monsters at the battle arena.

Asdivine Dios is one of the Asdivine franchise that Kemco released in mobile phone. It didn’t has any different significant content from other games. Well the story is different, of course. This game was quiet short too, it’s perfect for you if you wanted to play decent JRPG in your mobile phone. In case you still doubt about this game, you could just grab the free version. You can still beat the game with that.

Asdivine Dios is available now for Android and iOS.

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