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AFK Arena Review – Mobile Game that Actually Suggests You to Go AFK

AFK Arena Cover

What if you play a game which will still give you lots of progress while not playing? That’s the point of a mobile game called AFK Arena. Developed by Lilith Games, AFK Arena lets you progress significantly when you are not actually playing the game. So, if you like idle game genre, see if AFK Arena will suit your desire or not.

General Information:

  • System               : Android/iOS
  • Release Date     : June 21, 2018
  • Developer          : Lilith Games
  • Main Series       : AFK Arena
  • Download Size  : 100 MB


AFK Arena settles in a beautiful and full of riches world called Esperia. But, the peaceful world does not last forever. A horde of demon invasions make Esperia calls for assistance. Hearing the call, heroes form 6 factions come in attempt to save the world of Esperia from the demon invasion.


Well, the story of AFK Arena is simple enough as a mobile game. The plot really shows up the potency of Gacha system in typical idle, mobile games. Despite that, the long march of campaign in AFK Arena will surely make you have abundance of moments to save Esperia from the demon horde.


Sending heroes from 6 unique factions, you can choose more than a hundred troops to help you saving Esperia. Each of the mercenary units hold unique role and a set of abilities. Hence, you have to pick heroes with the best synergies to make the best result in attempt to free Esperia from the demons.


The heroes also have 6 different types that countering each other type. It means that, not only you have to think about the formation, choosing the right hero type is also crucial in winning battles. As expected, you can get these heroes from buying hero cards, either by using the in-game currency or through event scrolls. So, you cannot get access to all the heroes unless you get all the hero cards from gacha.


As stated in its name, AFK Arena is an RPG, idle, mobile game. You can fight in order to finish the story or challenge other characters in the arena. Each battle, you have to settle 5 heroes, 2 frontliners and 3 backliners. You cannot command the heroes except for using their ultimate abilities once the skill bar is full. There are 3 tiers of heroes, common, legendary, and ascended, which determine their strength.


AFK Arena also offers many events, such as, guild events and individual events, which is pretty handy in getting the in-game currency. Not only that, there is labyrinth challenge and PVP battle you can use to test the party strength. So, since you cannot command your heroes, formation and type of heroes you use is very crucial in winning battles.


Additional Experience

Even though the story of AFK Arena is very simple, the cartoonist graphics and animation are not that bad to see as a mobile game. The detail of the story, heroes, and factions are very well told that correspond to each other. So, if I feel like to know more about the plot of AFK Arena, I can read it any time I want.

Gacha System

Next is about the gacha system in AFK Arena. As a typical mobile game, AFK Arena implements the gacha system in getting the heroes. You can get the heroes by using the in-game currency that can be bought with real money. But, the game itself has a good care for the free users because there are many ways to get the in-game currency. Therefore, you can still get along with the players who actually pay money into the game, but, then you have to put more time playing the game.


AFK Arena is one of idle mobile games that worth the play. With many features and nice graphics, AFK Arena can surely hook you for some time. With many chances to get in-game currency through events and campaign, AFK Arena is safe enough for free users. So, if you don’t have any game to play in your phone yet, AFK Arena can be put as a choice.

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