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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Tips – What Shigabane Should You Prioritize?

Prioritized Shigabane

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning surely has a pretty unique gameplay wrapping the game. As a visual novel game, Zanki Zero: Last Beginning also feature survival and dungeon crawler to its genre. There is also an uncommon game mechanic, where you can get stronger by actually dying.

Basically, anything that kills your characters will grant them shigabane, which makes them better. Not only buff the characters’ status, some shigabane can even give you more than that. Of course if you get these unique shigabane early in the game, your progress through the game would be so much easier. Therefore, here is the list of prioritized shigabanes that you should get as soon as you can in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning.

Prioritized Shigabane to Get – Age Related Shigabane

You might already know that each character has a lifespan of 13 days. Early game, this condition seems okay for you to progress through the story missions. But, later on, this short lifespan will annoy you since you have to get back to base to revive the characters.

Adult Shigabane

Therefore, you can expand the characters’ lifespan if you make them dead at a certain growth stage. Each time your characters die in certain growth stage, they can live a day longer after revived. Since there are four growth stages, child, adult, middle age, and senior, you can expand their lifespan up to 17 days for each character. But, this shigabane does not work with Sachika since she is the only character that does not age.

Prioritized Shigabane to Get – Death by Starvation Shigabane

Stamina in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is a status that carries a major impact in the game. Without stamina, your characters will not be able to explore dungeons. Therefore, you need to expand it so that you have more time in exploring dungeons.

Starvation Shigabane

One way to have more stamina for your characters is to let them dead from starvation. You can get this shigabane by letting your characters die while losing health from having zero stamina. Once done properly, your characters will have their stamina bar increased greatly after revived.

Prioritized Shigabane to Get – Inventory Shigabane

It is shown clearly that each character has different weight limit for their inventory. This means that every character can carry differs amount of items. Sometimes, this thing can cause you a bit of problem when exploring dungeons, more over when you find rare items but the weight limit has reach its limit.


To overcome this problem, you should get the inventory shigabane to increase the characters’ weight limit. You can get the inventory shigabane by making your characters die while carrying too much items in their bag. Therefore, they will get a shigabane that allows you to have increased weight limit and carry much more items while exploring dungeons.

Shigabane in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is for sure one of the crucial feature to make your characters stronger. Not only they increases the characters’ status bar, some shigabane even give you extra perks that can make the game challenges turn out easier. Therefore, it is recommended to prioritize those mentioned shigabane since it eases up your dungeon-exploring experience.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC

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