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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Tips – To Do List to Survive Better Early Game

Survive Better

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning can make you rage quit in its early part of the game. Being a dungeon-crawler and survival game, things can easily kill your characters and slow down the progress in the first few hours of gameplay. So, to make your life easier while playing Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, these are the things that you should do in the early game.

Things to Do Early Game – Learn Minamo’s Cooking Skills

Cooking is one of the most crucial things to have in the game. By having Minamo learn her cooking skills, you will be likely to have enough edible foods for all the characters. When you are able to do this early, Minamo can cook up to 9 times a day. In addition, getting the kitchen upgraded can also ease you up to have jerky meat as supplies.

Minamo Cooking

Things to Do Early Game – Always Visit Workshop Periodically

Every time you go to new place, you will most likely to get new materials to use as item’s ingredients. The chance to get the newest weapon and armor will also go up after you have finished exploring new dungeon. By doing so, you will unlikely to have outdated equipment to help you in battle.


Things to Do Early Game – Don’t Be Afraid to Die

Unlike other game, dying in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning can give you many good benefits. For example, when your character dies, you can get buffs or shigabane for whatever reason that had killed you in the previous life. This will make your characters stronger each time they die and the game will be less difficult.


Things to Do Early Game – Take a Good Care to What the Characters’ Need

Every time you don’t fulfil the characters’ needs will have impact to their status and ability in battle. For example, when you are unable to get your character to the toilet, they will do it in their pants. Not only this will make the stress status goes up, enemies will be more likely to approach your group because of the smell. Therefore, always try to give what your characters needs when possible.


There are many things that you can do to survive better in the early part of the game. The game itself will likely give you many tips as you play the game. So, if you get a hard time playing Zanki Zero: Last Beginning in the early game, you can apply these tips to make it easier and able to progress faster into the game.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC

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