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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Tips – Reducing Clone Cost by Getting Characters’ Unique Deaths

Reducing Clone Cost

One of the most crucial features in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is the Cloning/Reviving feature. With this feature, you can get a brand new body to your characters as well as an additional perks or ability to have. It means that every time you clone a character, they will be stronger than before.

In order to do this, you need to pay some price, or to be exact, score points. While cloning is very important to increase the character strengths, you will need lots of score points. That would be a waste if you don’t have spare score points to do many characters cloning or reviving. Therefore, here is Zanki Zero: Last Beginning tips to decrease the cloning price from each character.

Reducing Clone Cost – Haruto Higurashi

To reduce the clone cost of Haruto Higurashi, you will need him to die while never get attacked in the current life cycle. The easiest way to get this perk is by sleeping until the thirteenth day. By doing so, he will die because of the aging process.


Reducing Clone Cost – Rinko Susukino

You can reduce Rinko Susukino cloning cost by making her bladder gauge full. If she dies while having her wet herself, you will automatically get the perk. In order to do this, simply just ignore her toilet need and let her bladder gauge goes up. If done correctly, she will need less score points the next time she extends her life.


Reducing Clone Cost – Ryo Mikajime

If you never give Ryo Mikajime items in the current life cycle, his clone cost will be reduced in the next time you revive him. As stated earlier, you have to give items to the characters but Ryo Mikajime. Therefore, he will get the perk the next time he dies.


Reducing Clone Cost – Yuma Mashiro

Getting the Yuma Mashiro’s clone cost reduced can be done with putting her into a party with 3 male characters. When she dies while doing so, she will get the perk and reduce the clone cost the next time you have to revive her.


Reducing Clone Cost – Zen Kubota

In contradictory with Yuma’s way to get the perk, you have to put Zen Kubota in a party with 3 female characters. Similar with Yuma, Zen will get the perk when he dies in that party composition.


Reducing Clone Cost – Minamo Setouchi

If Minamo Setouchi dies while in a party of 4 with 1 male child, she will get the reduced clone cost perk. This actually can be done easily since your party will be weaker with a child in the party. So, when you have just revived a male character from death, be sure to use this opportunity to get Minamo’s clone cost reduction perk.


Reducing Clone Cost – Mamoru Ichiyo

Similar with Minamo’s method in getting the perk, you will need to put Mamoru Ichiyo in a party of 4. But, instead of putting a male child, you have to have a female child character in the party. By doing so, you will get the perk once Mamoru dies while in the party.


Reducing Clone Cost – Sachika Hirasaka

Compared to other characters’ way to get the clone cost reduction perk, Sachika Hirasaka might be quite harder to get. To get the perk to Sachika, you need to make her have more than 50 charge attacks. On top of that, you also have to make sure that she only does less than 5 normal attacks. If done correctly, Sachika’s clone cost will get reduced the next time you revive her.


Getting the clone cost reduced may be just a small benefit that you can get. But, since you only have to do it once, getting this perk will surely make you save more score points to other needs. Therefore, you will get a bit faster in progressing through the game story.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC

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