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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Tips – Dungeon Exploring Tips

Dungeon Exporing Tips

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is not an ordinary game with visual novel genre. Survival and exploring dungeon are two major aspects in the game that you need to do in order to progress through the main story. Without doing those two, it is impossible to advance to the game story and get to the ending.

While exploring dungeons, you can get EXP and Score Points, even item drops that can be used to make your characters stronger. Of course, it would take too much time to grind in dungeons with the ‘ordinary’ method. Therefore, use these tips to maximize your reward when exploring dungeons without needing to grind so much.

Dungeon Exploring Tips – Reach High Attack Combo

While attacking enemies, you will get bonus score depending on how many hits you do to them. The combo meter will count every hit you land continuously without breaking the combo meter. If you happen to do 25 hit combos, you can get up to 5000 score points.  

In order to get high combo, there are two ways you can do. First is trying to find strong enemies that can sustain many hits. You can also try to form a party with characters that have very low attack point. By doing so, you can hit the enemy many times and build high attack combo. One thing to remember, be sure to reset your combo after you do 25 hits to get the most optimal use of this feature.

Combo Attack

Maximizing the score point you get from dungeon can also be done with having Zen’s Earth Blessing skill. If you have this skill, the score point you get from killing enemies will be doubled. It is relatively easy to learn so get this skill as soon as you can.

Dungeon Exploring Tips – Use the Bunking Effects

You can get bunking effects after you have unlocked the bedroom. After that, you can set 2 characters as bunkmates and achieve the bunking effects for those characters. Corresponding with the first tip, bunking Zen and Yuma will give them both the Score+ and Drop+ perks that improve the score point you can get as well as having higher item drop rate.

Bunking Buddies

Bunking up Ryo and Rinko is a good thing to do, too, since they give improved charge combo and widened mapping. If you have a under leveled character, bunking them up with Sachika will allow them to get more EXP. With these perks you can get from bunking the characters, you can have the best rewards each time you explore the dungeons.

Dungeon Exploring Tips – Abuse the Change Difficulty Feature

Sometimes, the enemies or traps will give you a hard time while exploring the dungeons. Maybe when you are deep enough inside a dungeon, you will run out of stamina or having many characters dead. If so, you can abuse the difficulty feature to get benefit from it and it can be accessed any time you want.

Changing Difficulty

When you alter the game difficulty into difficulty I, you will always replenish the stamina back to 100. By doing this, you don’t have to waste foods to get more stamina. Changing difficulty can also reduce the cost of reviving dead character. Therefore, you will save some score points if you change the game difficulty into difficulty I every time you want to revive a character.

Dungeon Exploring Tips – One-Man Army Party

While exploring the dungeon, somehow, the system only increases the bladder and stamina of the characters in active party. With this information in mind, you can set only one character and swap them periodically to conserve energy and hold the bladder gauge to increase. But, make sure that there are no enemies around you and suddenly kill the active party.

One Man Army

The characters in passive party also have no weight limit. It means that you can give them 99 meats to hold. Put in mind that it only happens to the passive party only. So, if you want to get them into the active party, you have to switch the carrying to anyone in the passive party.

Exploring dungeon in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is a must thing to do. Exploring dungeon allows you to progress further into the game story or grind and get better characters’ status, equipment, and items. Therefore, by doing those 4 tips, you can get the best rewards from exploring dungeons and the grinding will be less time consuming.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC

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