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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth – How to Get Everyone’s Ultimate Personas

Getting Ultimate Persona

Like in other Persona games, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth also hides the way to get the Ultimate Personas. By having the ultimate personas, they will have an upgraded unique skill that can help you better in battles. So, if you want to get these powerful bodyguards to help your mercenary, without putting any spoilers, follow these steps on how to get everyone’s ultimate personas.

Getting the Ultimate Persona – Get the Ticket’s Quest Threshold

To unlock the ultimate personas quest, the first task you need to accomplish is doing the ticket quest. When you have collected 10 tickets, you will have access to fight a bonus boss. To fight this bonus boss, you can easily find it at the spot of the previous story boss you defeated.

Ticket Quest

Getting the Ultimate Persona – Fill the Party with Main Characters

Before fighting the bonus boss, there is one tricky condition that you need to meet, which is having each one of the main characters in the party. To be exact, you need to have Joker, Persona 4 protagonist, Persona 3 protagonist, and Female protagonist fighting in the party. Once you have done that, you can fight this bonus boss where you defeated the previous story boss.


Getting the Ultimate Persona – Fight Another Bonus Bosses at Headquarter

After defeating the first bonus boss, you will have access to fight another bonus bosses. In total, there are 4 bonus bosses that you have to defeat. For those who have played other Persona games, these bosses should not be surprising anymore. But like in the game’s other series, these bosses are always challenging. After the fourth battle, in the result screen, your personas will change to their upgraded form.

HQ Boss

Getting the Ultimate Persona – Be At Level 55 or Above

If your personas are not upgraded after defeating the fourth boss battle at the HQ, there must be one more requirement that you miss. In order to get the ultimate personas, your characters must be at level 55 or above. When your characters reach level 55 and have defeated the bonus bosses at the HQ, in the battle result screen, you will obtain the ultimate personas ready to help you in battles.

High Level

Getting the power of the ultimate personas can easily boost your party strength. On top of that, having the upgraded version of the persona’s unique skill is surely a nice thing. Therefore, if you want to have a stronger line up to beat the final boss or to be a completionist in the game, getting the ultimate personas is obligatory.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is now available on Nintendo 3DS

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