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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Tips – Unlocking Special Screening Missions

Special Screening Missions

In Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, you can step aside from the main story missions to do Special Screening Missions. Unlocking these short side missions will need you a little bit of effort. But, once you finish them, the rewards are quite tempting because it can help you become stronger.

Some of the special screening missions even leave you with great items, unison attacks, and moreover, personas. With those handy rewards, finishing special screening missions is worth the time and effort. Therefore, follow these tips for you to unlock special screening missions and get all the great rewards to help you in battle.

Unlocking Special Screening Missions – Find Dead Ends in Dungeon

The first way to unlock special screening missions is through finding Dead Ends in the dungeon. Sometime, when you are wandering in dungeon, you will end up in a deadlock. When you first encounter the dead ends, there is a chance that a button will prompt to show up.

Dead Ends Trigger

After that, there will be a scene between characters, no matter they are in your main party or not. They will talk about something related to the upcoming side mission or the special screenings and will give you the new ticket. Then, you can access that new mission from the special screening list.

Unlocking Special Screening Missions – Progress Through the Main Story

This next way to unlock special screening missions is way simpler than the previous one. Instead of hunting dead ends, you only have to progress through the main story mission in order to unlock more of this kind of side missions.

Even though the special screening missions unlocked from the main story are not as many as in the first method, the rewards are still great. Therefore, be sure to complete the side missions that you get from finishing the main story missions.

Main Story Trigger

Unlocking Special Screening Missions – Finishing Current Special Screening Missions

Unlike the other way, the special screening missions you get through this method are usually the late game ones. Most of them also order you to push over your limit to finish them.

Of course you will get pretty good and rewarding treasure from completing them. But, be sure that you have pretty high level characters and good equipment. Until then, the special screening missions you get through this way will put you in a rough experience.

Finishing Side Quest

Finishing the special screening mission will give you lots of handy rewards for your characters. Not only that, at certain threshold of completed special screening missions, you will unlock the chance to get one of the best features in the game. Do it yourself as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is now available on Nintendo 3DS

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