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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Tips – Easiest Way to Defeat the Velvet Trio

Velvet Trio

Hidden super boss always has its own appeals towards the player in every game. Not only you have to do several missions and things before have the chance to actually find it, the extreme difficulty it possesses also boost up the challenge even more. Even though it is usually just an optional challenge, the triumph you feel when successfully defeated the hidden super boss will surpass the feeling when you actually beat the final boss.

In Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, there is also a hidden boss that has incredible power, the Velvet Trio. In order to face this secret boss, not only you have to do numerous side missions, you also have to fight in some battles that carry equivalent power with the Velvet Trio before actually face the real hidden boss.

This challenge is surely requires good strategy and preparations, especially in the Risky difficulty. But, the rewards and the triumph feeling you can get after defeating this hidden boss is surely can give you a goosebumps. So, here are some tips that you can follow to easily defeat the Velvet Trio, even in the hardest difficulty of the game.

Defeating the Velvet Trio – Be at Level 70 or Above

Having high level characters in your party will never fail to help you defeat the overpowered hidden boss. Not only you need the extra status boost from leveling up, you also need to unlock some high level skills to battle this hidden boss. Therefore, try to level up your character as high as you can before you challenge the mighty, Velvet Trio.

High Level Party

It is recommended to be at level 70 or above to relatively rival this superboss’ strength. If you are trying to beat this hidden boss in risky difficulty, having a party with characters at level 85 and above is a must. By doing so, you will get the proper status boost and skill sets to ease up the crazy power that this boss has.

Defeating the Velvet Trio – Party Composition

There is no bind in who you want to put in your party. But, it would be nicer if you have a balanced party. In this case, you should make a party that consist of one character with defense type, two characters with physical type, and two more characters with magic type.

Characters in Party

I personally prefer to put in Aigis, Souji Seta, Makoto Yuki, Joker, and Persona 3 Portable Protagonist in the party. As for the sub characters, you can adjust it to your like since it does not really matter in the fight. Therefore, you can have a balanced party that consists of defense, physical, and magic type to fight the Velvet Trio.

Defeating the Velvet Trio – Get Ones of the Best Equipment

Similar with level, try to get the best equipment for the characters in your party. Weapons like, Metatronius, Usumidori, and armor like, King Collar, Monarch Jacket will surely boost your characters strength greatly. With better equipment to have, your characters will have a better status to deal more damage and take less damage when hit. By doing this, you will feel less suffering in attempt to defeat the Velvet Trio.


Defeating the Velvet Trio – Best Personas to Use

It is very important to put the proper personas for the characters in your party. The best strategy to easily defeat this hidden boss is by spamming the Psycho Blast and buffing/debuffing skills. Therefore, you need to equip personas that give you these skills.

Best Persona

Try to equip personas that have All Guard, Armor Destroyer, Dragon Cry, and of course the Psycho Blast skill for your characters. As for the supports, you might want to have the Encore since it can extend the buffs in your characters. Without having these skills, your attempt to defeat the hidden boss, Velvet Trio, will likely to end with a failure.

When done correctly, you will be in a supreme condition to challenge the mighty, Velvet Trio. Just try to use as many buff skills, like, All Guard and Dragon Cry for your characters. Then, when you think your characters are strong enough to withstand hits, use the Psycho Blast skill that, no doubt, will do thousands of damage each time you use it. Repeat this sequence and the Velvet Trio will fall down in a matter of time.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is now available on Nintendo 3DS

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