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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Tips – Best Way to Farm Yen

Money Gain

In Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the money system, or so called, Yen, offers more than to purchase in game items. When you have spare Yen, you can use it to increase the characters’ EXP easily. Since Yen is one of the primary things you need to ease up the game, here are some Persona Q2 tips to farm money the best way.

Best Way to Farm Yen – Find the Shadow in Dungeons

The Shadow is a unique enemy that can grant you plenty of Yen in no time. You can find the Shadow usually in the boss room where you can find the treasure spot. The first battle in this area, you will have the chance to fight the Shadow.

The reason why fighting the Shadow is the best way to farm Yen is because each time you hit it with normal attack, it will drop some amount of money. So, your goal is to hit it until its HP gets halved. When you manage to lower its HP down to 50%, the Shadow’s shield will wear off and no longer drops money. When it happens, you can immediately kill it off with skills, or just let it escape.

The Shadow

Best Way to Farm Yen – Get Equipment that Increase Money-Gain

When you know where to fight the Shadow, you can maximize the money gain by equipping items that increases the amount of Yen dropped by enemies. In early game, maybe the only equipment that has this effect is the accessory.

But later in the game, you will get more useful items to farm Yen faster. Items like, Lavish Badge, Wealth Badge, Juli-Sen, and Lucre Gloves grant huge amount of money bonus from defeating enemies. With these buffs on your characters, the Shadow will drop huge amount of Yen.

Lucre Gloves

Best Way to Farm Yen – Don’t Fight the Shadow at Fourth Dungeon

Actually, the Shadow in every dungeon has the same effect that drops Yen each time you hit them. But, it is not recommended to fight the Shadow at the Fourth Dungeon. The reason behind this is that at fourth dungeon, the Shadow has an instant kill move. Surely, you don’t want your characters die easily while farming gold.

Fourth Dungeon

Farming Yen in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is easily one of the most crucial things to do in the game. By having good amount of spare Yen, you can convert it into EXP. So, by using the tips above, you will do the best way to farm Yen in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is now available on Nintendo 3DS

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