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Laplace M – 7 Tips and Tricks for Newbie

Have you played Laplace M? Are you new to the game? Want to progress rapidly and be the greatest player in the server? Of course you can do it in no time. Similar with any MMORPG genre, the players have to give huge determination in order to be the best. Some might force the players to top up or buy the game currency with real money.

But, since in Laplace M is fairly not pay to win, free players have a huge chance to be the best in the server. By choosing the right methods and good decision in using the game features, you will be bound to be the greatest player in Laplace M. So, if you just play Laplace M recently, be sure to apply these 7 tips and tricks for newbie to progress fast in the game.

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Accomplish the Main Quest, Events and Dungeon

Finishing the main quest in Laplace M will, no doubt, give you huge amount of experience as well as many tempting rewards to be used in the game. Still being a new player, experience point or EXP is surely what you need to scale better in the game. Have a high level character even though you just started playing the game, will give you the chance to open most of the features in Laplace M early.

Laplace M Quest

When your character’s level is quite high, you will be able to challenge and beat the dungeons. Dungeons like, Escort, Kingdom Event, Dragon Treasure, Zodiac Bosses, and Revelation Trial will reward you game currencies and items to improve Battle Rating (BR) easily. By joining every daily events will also give you many great rewards for your character.

So, accomplishing the main quest, events, and dungeon early will give your character tons of EXP, game currencies, and items or equipment to improve BR.

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Redeem EXP into Skill Point

Not only useful to level up, you can also use EXP to get skill point (SP). For the first few days, Laplace M capped the maximum level you can have. The EXP you get will surely be wasted if you don’t allocate it into skill point. You can allocate those skill points you get to upgrade skills and ability, which, of course, will improve BR. Also, at level 50, it will be easier for you to change job since one of the requirements is having high amount of SP.

Laplace M Redeem EXP

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Join a Guild

By joining guild, you will have friends to play Laplace M together. You can ask the guild member to help you finishing missions and quests. The guild events are also very interesting and will reward you items as well as the game currencies. Those rewards will surely handy for developing your characters BR.

Laplace M Join Guild

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Be Wise in Spending Money

There are three types of currency in Laplace M, Silverstar, Shell, and Spiral. Basically, the game rewards you with these currencies by finishing quests, events, dungeons, and many other features. But, if spent carelessly, these currencies you have will be out in no time. Therefore, be sure to be wise in spending the money you have, except you are willing to use real money to buy those in-game currencies.

Laplace M Currencies


For instance, always spend Silverstar to redeem EXP into SP, since it improves BR. Prioritize to use Spiral to enhance equipment instead of buying new ones. For Shell, spend it to buy items that your character needs.

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Do the Farm

At the second day, when your character is level 32, you will unlock the farm feature. In this feature, you can do planting, ranching, and selling the harvest to get EXP, money and items. These rewards are surely what you need to progress the game faster. In addition, by doing the farm, you will less likely to feel bored playing Laplace M. So, doing the farm is a good way to get EXP, money, and items in Laplace M.

Laplace M Farm

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Use Truesight Every Day

Truesight is a feature that allows you to peek the ‘other world’. By using truesight, you can see creatures that will give you unique items because you are able to find them. Of course the items you get are very useful in early game. Therefore, always use truesight eight times a day to get rewards easily.

Laplace M Truesight

Laplace M Tips and Tricks for Newbie – Prioritize to Enhance Gold Card

The card feature is useful when embedded in your equipment. When you have gold card, be sure to upgrade them instead the cards with other color. Unlike the others, gold cards will significantly improve BR when enhanced. You can get gold cards by completing Card Realms and Dragon Treasure.

Laplace M Gold Card

For new players, especially in MMORPG games, good determination is a must-have in order to progress the game faster than the other players. By applying 7 Laplace M tips and tricks above, you will, for sure, have a good chance to be the best player in the game, even if you don’t spend any real money into the game.

Laplace M is now available on Android and iOS

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