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Laplace M – 6 Advanced Tips to Make Your Battle Rating Boosted

Laplace M - Advanced Tips to Make Your Battle Rating Boosted

As in most MMORPG games, dedicating so much time into the game will make you progress rapidly. When you have a really high level character in Laplace M, as well as high quality equipment, then you don’t have many things to do besides improving BR.

If you still have spare time to play Laplace M while already having a powerful character, there might be some things that will attract your interest for the game, especially which can boost your battle rating.  So, here are 6 advanced tips that you can do to improve BR for a high level character.

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Dueling World NPCs

While exploring the map of Laplace, you can meet various NPCs that are available for a challenge. If you are new to duel these NPCs, I suggest you to go and challenge the ones in Laplace City or Yggdrasil area since they are relatively easier.

Before asking them to duel, be sure to check their battle rating and compare it with your own. If you are sure that you can handle them one-by-one, then it is okay to challenge them for a duel.

You can also check the class and the skills that the NPC possess, too. Be sure to comprehend these to suit your playstyle and give you victory. Also, don’t forget to transform when things get a bit out of your control.

Overall, if you win battling against those NPCs, you will get EXP as well as worthwhile items as the rewards. Last but not least, remember that the higher the map level, the stronger the NPCs are.

World NPC

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Attempts Truesight Everyday

Not only useful as a newbie tip for Laplace M, using truesight every day is very handy too for advanced players. By using truesight, you can get many rewards that might give you great items. More importantly, it is free use up to eight times a day.

The vast area of Laplace is surely having so many hidden treasures that you can get using the truesight feature. Up to now, there are approximately more than 200 spots that have treasure, scattered all over the map of Laplace.

To improve your interest in using this feature, the list of rewards that you can get include, egg net fragments, card shards (gold), star fruits and diamonds, golden marks, etc. Some side quests can also be opened only if you use the truesight feature. So, it is always a good idea to use and take benefit of truesight.

Laplace M Truesight

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Do All the Affair Board Quest Every Day

Even though most of the missions in the affair board are too easy and boring, sometimes you can get a quest that has the word ‘wanted’ or ‘danger’ in it. If you find these quests, be sure the complete it since you will get many fame points.

If you don’t manage to finish the quest, it is completely harmless to your current progress. Besides, you can always try new quest in this feature until you used all the available attempts. So, completing the affair board quests might give you reliable items to increase your BR.

Affair Board

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Reforging Items

As an advanced player, you must have some items and equipment that qualities are purple or higher. By reforging them, you can upgrade the stats that it provides. You will also able to see the possible change first before deciding to get the altered attributes or not.

If you use this feature often, each of your equipment will get to its highest potential. Of course that thing will make your rating increase. But, a bit of advice, reforged items that increase your character’s BR does not always mean good.

You still need to consider the rightful attribute changes that suit your character’s job and abilities. For instance, when you are playing as warrior, be sure to reforge equipment that will give you vitality or HP bonus. This also suits to other jobs important stats bonus as well. So, reforging is pretty useful if you use the feature the right way.

Reforge Weapon

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Adjust Your Skill Points as You Like

Different with most game with the same genre, Laplace M gives its player a free will to reset the skill points any time they want. For this reason, you can always adjust the skill points that suits your play style to defeat the enemies.

You can maximize the only 4 active skills that you use in battle. As for the rest, you can submit it to upgrade the passive skills that you need the most. If you do this properly, the skill’s proficiency to be used in battle will get to its highest potential. Therefore, reset and adjust your skill points as much as you want to get the best skill arrangement.

Laplace M Skill Points

Laplace M Advanced Tips – Finish Higher Realm’s Difficulty with Your Team

Equipment and card realm features are always useful no matter what level you are. At first, you can only challenge the realm alone. But, when you have finished it for the first time, you can redo it together with your team. With higher difficulties, you can get more chances to receive better rewards.

Realms Difficulty

You can also try to beat higher difficulty together and get more handy items and rewards. High level equipment and cards will always a good thing to get as your collection. Even though the realms do not guarantee the specific rewards, you can always try to challenge it every time you can to test your luck.

Laplace M is now available on Android and iOS

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