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Laplace M – 5 Tips to Maximize Battle Rating

In many MMORPG games, your character may have a rating or point that indicates their strength. In Laplace M, the game gauges the power of your character by using a term called Battle Rating or BR. The more battle rating that you have, it means that your character has more strength.

There are many ways that you can do to increase your character’s battle rating in Laplace M. Some of them are easy to do, but some others are a bit tricky. So, without hesitating, follow these 5 tips to maximize Battle Rating capability to make you character stronger than ever.

Maximizing Battle Rating – Upgrade Skill Level

The first trick to make your BR increase is by upgrading the skill of your character. Each level up of the skill, increase about 600 BR. Quite a lot right? So, don’t hesitate in spending skill points to upgrade every skill that your character has. Well, of course, in order to get skill point, you have to redeem EXP first. Then you can upgrade the skill level using skill point and increase the BR.

Laplace M Skill Level

Maximizing Battle Rating – Forge Every Single Equipment

When you get new equipment, no matter what level they are, always forge them to increase the power. Not only it increases BR, but also the forged status will carry onto all equipment with the same type. It means that you only have to forge it once, and then the plus status will last forever to any similar item.

Laplace Forge Weapon

You can also reforge purple equipment or above to alter the status bonus it has. Sometimes, the equipment you have is not giving the appropriate status it should be. Therefore, you can reforge equipment to give higher status bonus on your character and increase the BR.

Maximizing Battle Rating – Enhance Gold Cards

Equipping card in items can increase your BR. When you want to enhance the card, prioritize the gold card first. Why? Because gold card increase BR way better compared to cards in other color. So, be sure to enhance gold card first before enhancing card with other color to get higher BR earlier.

Laplace M Gold Card

Maximizing Battle Rating – Use High-Grade Guardians

Similar with cards, high grade guardian will increase BR significantly. The better the guardian rarity, the bigger BR that you have. So, always use and level up your high-grade guardian to accompany you better in battle and increase BR.

You can also refine the guardian skill to increase BR. When lucky, your guardian might get a rare and better skill when you refine them. Though it depends on the luck you have, refining guardian’s skill is worth the try when you can do it.

Laplace M Guardian Slot

Maximizing Battle Rating – Level Up Your Character As Soon As You Can

Even though Laplace M has different level cap on the first seven day you play, it is better for you to increase the character’s level as fast as possible. With high level character, you can have higher BR, more equipment sockets you have, as well as the more features that you can play. So, be diligent in getting EXP and increasing your character level rapidly to open more features that can increase your BR.

Laplace M Character Level Up

So, those are 5 tips and tricks that can make your character have higher battle rating. By doing these tips, you can maximize the highest BR possibility that your character can have. If you have any other useful tips with the same topic, feel free to say it out loud in the comment section and let the world know.

Laplace M is now available for Android and iOS

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