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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Optimizing Goofy and Donald

If you’re an OG fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, then you would know that both Goofy and Donald Duck served under King Mickey, who is the sovereign of the Disney Castle. Yep. Goofy and Donald ain’t always been Sora‘s sidekick. And King Mickey was a keyblade master apprentice under Master Yen Sid.  Confusing isn’t it, having your classic Disney characters play such serious roles? That’s Kingdom Hearts for you!

Anyway, long story short, Goofy and Donald ended up attaching to Sora, another keyblade wielding character in their quest to banish the great evil of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Both Goofy and Donald perform their roles very differently in aiding Sora‘s battles against the Heartless. The way you configure Goofy and Donald would often means life and death in certain battles. The following is my take on how to configure Sora‘s favorite sidekicks for optimum battle experience!

1. Goofy

Under King Mickey, Goofy took on the role of the Captain of the Royal Knights, whose duty is to protect the Disney Castle residence. Kind of like Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth’s Guard who don Red Tunics and Bearskin Hats whose duty is to stand still until the end of their shift. Goofy assumes none of that air of pomp and circumstance, though his duty is quite similar to his real life counterpart. Also, Goofy is not a dog (you can fight me about this *fist emoji*).

On a more serious note, Goofy can be configured to either be a full-time damage absorber or a bull on the loose. My favourite Goofy configuration is to have him mostly stick by Sora as a damage absorbing tank-on-roid. Let Sora do the main damage dealing.

Goofy carries a shield as an equipment and use his shield to combat the Heartless both defensively and offensively. Each type of shields are divided into 2 subtypes: the regular version and the + version, the latter being more powerful and more difficult to acquire.

Goofy’s Ultimate Shield: Save The King

The strongest shield in Kingdom Hearts Universe. Comes with a Strength 9 stats and Damage Syphon ability. This is Goofy’s Ultimate Weapon.

How to obtain: Collect 55 Different Synthetic materials.

How to upgrade to +: Collect 58 Different Synthetic materials. Save The King + has a Strength 9 stats and comes with Damage Syphon and Stun Protection ability.

Read More: https://rpgvaliant.com/guides/kingdom-hearts-iii-tips-how-to-get-ultima-weapon-sora/

2. Donald Duck

As the Royal Magician of the Disney Castle, Donald Duck has zero real life counterpart. That fact does not diminish his importance in the Kingdom Hearts III universe though, as the correlation is a useless coincidence. #digressing

Donald Duck‘s role as Sora‘s sidekick can be described as  Magical Damage Dealer who also can assume the role of a medic simultaneously. I always configure Donald to automatically heal his allies whenever they are injured. This is to ensure that my Sora can parkour around enemies with abandon. Bandage before bombs.

Donald’s Ultimate Weapon: Safe The Queen

The most formidable staff in the game, and also by uninformed personal assumption, Queen Elizabeth II‘s favorite equipment in the game. The staff boasts Strength 6 and Magic 9 stats along with Damage Syphon and MP Hastera ability. Donald is at his strongest when he wields this Ultimate Weapon.

How to obtain: Collect 55 Different Synthetic materials.

How to upgrade to +: Collect 58 Different Synthetic materials. Save The Queen+ has Strength 9 and Magic 6 stats and comes with Damage Syphon and MP Hastega ability.

Never underplay the importance of Goofy and Donald in conquering the game. They’re your AI asset, and their existence can only help you conquer the game. Take care of your sidekicks!

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PS4 and XBox One.

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