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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: How To Get Ultima Weapon – Sora

There’s your regular keyblade, and then there’s the Ultima Weapon, the most powerful keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III universe.

The path to forging an Ultima Weapon is bothersome and arduous, but let me tell you this: it’s worth it.

An Ultima Weapon wielding Sora is leaps and bounds more formidable than any other keyblade wielding Sora. For starter, the Ultima Weapon boasts 13 Strength and 13 Magic stats, along with a slew of built-in boosts. That’s a shitload of advantageous benefits that would render your toughest foe helpless – it’d be like cutting room temperature butter with a hot knife.

Worry not though, I’m here to provide you with the most complete, comprehensive guide on how to get this holy grail of a weapon!

1. Unlock The Recipe

To unlock the recipe for Ultima Weapon, one would need to acquire all of the 58 different synthesis materials. The good news is that these materials are fairly common drops from heartless. You may also get these materials from the rocks destroyed on your Gummi Ship skirmish and random chests. These materials may also be synthesized from a workshop

You may check with Moogle Shop to see if you’ve acquired all 58 materials. Once you’ve gathered them all, the Ultima Weapon Recipe will become accessible for you to use.

2. Gather The Materials

The recipe for forging an Ultima Weapon is as follow:

  • 7x Orichalcum +
  • 2x Wellspring Crystal
  • 2x Lucid Crystal
  • 2x Pulsing Crystal

a. Orichalcum +

You need Orichalcum +, and you need 7 of those. What’s bothersome about this is that each Orichalcum +’s location is strewn across the Kingdom Hearts III universe. Here’s how to locate all 7:

1st Orichalcum +: This is probably the most time consuming of your Orichalcum + endeavor. You need to snap all of the 80 Lucky Emblems in order to get your first one. The task is not difficult, but it sure as hell takes a long time to complete.

2nd Orichalcum +: Venture to the Exile Island in The Carribean to get your 2nd Orichalcum +. Get right to the centre of the island to find a chest containing this elusive material.

3rd Orichalcum +: Keyblade Graveyard in Badlands. Find a warp portal that would transport you to The Final World. There you would find one chest that contains your third Orichalcum +.

4th Orichalcum +: Now this is where your chance of acquiring one depends completely on lady luck. Go to Tram Common in Twilight Town, buy one Potion, and drop off the postcard at a nearby box. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an Orichalcum +. If you’re not, repeat this process.

*Protip: Save before you start this. You don’t want to be burning through your Munny trying to get 1 Orichalcum +. For quick Munny gain, ready my tips on how to get Munny fast!

5th Orichalcum +: Visit Elsa in Arandelle to gain access to the Frozen Slider mini-game, and collect all 10 treasures. If you can’t get all 10 in one run, worry not – you can acquire all 10 by playing the Frozen Slider multiple times.

6th Orichalcum +: You need to beat the tough boss Omega Machine that can be found in the Eclipse Galaxy. And oh, this is a Gummi Ship quest, so pimp your Gummi folks, because this is a tough, tough battle to fight.

In order for the Omega Machine to appear, you’d have to beat four other Gummi Battles in the Eclips Galaxy. Best of luck!

7th Orichalcum +: For the final piece of the material, you need to pass with flying colors at the Flantastic Seven mini-games. How would you know whether or not you’ve achieved high enough score for the mini-games you ask? A colossal, unmissable flan will come out jumping and gift you three cooking ingredients. You didn’t get three? Repeat the process.

b. Wellspring Crystal

The best place to grind for Wellspring Crystal is in Battleground 12, in San Fransokyo. The High Soldier Heartless is the one target you’d want to beat for the crystals.

*Protip: Equip Lucky Strike as much as possible to increase the rate of Wellspring Crystal drop.

c. Lucid Crystal

You can synthesize the Lucid Crystal at any Moogle Shop using the following recipe:

  • 1x Wellspring Crystal (see tip number 2 above)
  • 2x Lucid Gems (Moogle Shop)
  • 3x Lucid Stones (Moogle Shop)
  • 5x Lucid Shards (Moogle Shop)

You could also get the Lucid Crystal from Anchor Raiders in Battlegate 10 in the Carribeans. I prefer synthesizing it at the Moogle Shop though.

d. Pulsing Crystal

You can synthesize the Lucid Crystal at any Moogle Shop using the following recipe:

  • 1x Wellspring Crystal (see tip number 2 above)
  • 2x Pulsing Gems (Moogle Shop)
  • 3x Pulsing Stones (Moogle Shop)
  • 5x Pulsing Shards (Moogle Shop)

Again, you may fight the type of heartless that drop this specific crystal (any heartless in North Mountain – Foothill, Arandelle), but synthesizing it at a Moogle Shop is going to be much less of a hassle.

3. Forge!

Once all the prerequisites for the Ultima Weapon have been satisfied, head to any Moogle Shop to FINALLY forge it.

That’s all folks. The road to attaining the holy grail of all keyblades is laboriously long, though not hard. It requires you to be patient, and it really helps if you immerse yourself in the process. Trust me, your hardwork will definitely pay off once Sora wields the Ultima Weapon!

Any more tips? Drop them in the comment below!

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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