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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Flantastic Seven High Score

The Kingdom Hearts III has a myriad of fun mini-games strewn across its universe, but none arguably more important than the Flantastic Seven mini-game series. That is, if you desire to possess the holy grail of keyblades – the Ultima Weapon, the strongest form of any keyblades out there.

As discussed in the “How to Get Ultima Weapon” tip article, conquering the Flantastic Seven mini-game is the only way for you to acquire your final Orichalcum +, which is a pivotal material required for forging your Ultima Weapon. Achieving high-scores in all seven mini-games is paramount, because no high-scores, no Orichalcum +. Eek!

You’d also be rewarded with abilities and rare cooking ingredients, but who are we kidding? We’re only playing the mini-games to get the prerequisite for the Ultima Weapon. LOL!

Anywho, I’m here to help you breakdown what you need to pass all of the Flantastic Seven mini-games with flying colors. Read on, folks!

1. Cherry Flan – Olympus

Score Reward:

  • 10,000 – Sour Cherry
  • 20,000+ – Formchange Extender Ability (Hi-Score)

Head to Thebes in Olympus, and rode the stairs all the way to the top of the Hill Temple. There you’d find a coronet with 2 cherries sitting cush on top of it. Engage the peculiar-looking thing and you’ll find yourself standing before a giant flan and the mini-game commences.

Premise: the Cherry Flan mini-game will have your trio riding on  Goofy’s shield like a sled. The goal is to hit as much mini-flans as possible while avoiding obstacles and walls.

Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds.


  • Always venture to the area where flans are abundant e.g, take a left on your first fork on your path.
  • Rely on the arrows as a guide, but never be too particular about wanting to always hit them. Sometimes acceleration can make it difficult for you to maneuver your sled.
  • When faced with the choice of hitting a risky flan and avoiding obstacles, always choose to avoid obstacles. Seriously, that one flan is not gonna be worth you losing time.

2. Orange Flan – Kingdom Of Corona

Score Reward:

  • 10,000 – Blood Orange
  • 23,000+ – Blood Orange & Treasure Magnet Ability (Hi-Score)

From The Forest checkpoint, turn around and follow the path. There you’ll find the Orange Flan in the clearing.

Premise: this mini-game requires you to be a bit of a photographer. You would need to take seven photos of these supermodel-wannabe flans at their most “photogenic” moment. That is, when they strike a pose!

Time Limit: —


  • Make sure that you have enough free space on your Gummiphone.
  • Maneuver yourself right in front of the flan. Make sure the flan is contained in the square cross-hair.
  • Remember, only snap them when they pose. Candid snaps go unrewarded and you’d just waste a snap.
  • You only have 7 frames to take the pictures. So make sure that all of your 7 snaps are “Excellent“. Anything short of excellence would not net you the ultimate reward.

3. Strawberry Flan – Toy Box

Score Reward:

  • 17,000+ – Strawberry & Attraction Extender Ability (Hi-Score)

Go to the Rest Area in Galaxy Toy, Toy Box. The big strawberry sitting snugly on the coronet is just right in front of you.

Premise: The goal of the Strawberry Flan mini-game is to collect and stack as much mini-flans atop of you as you possibly can before the time runs out. Avoid colliding with walls and flans on berries, cuz they’ll knock your stack off!

Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds.


  • Once you’ve reached a certain stacking height, you may not be able to access some areas with low-ceiling. Focus on collecting the flans that are floating on balloons!

4. Grape Flan – Arendelle

Score Reward:

  • 17,000 – Grape
  • 20,000+ – Grapes &  Unison Blizzard Ability (Hi-Score)

Head to the Mountain Ridge in North Mountain, Arendelle.  Jump off the ridge past the Moogle Shop and you’ll spot the Grape Flan as you dive down.

Premise: the Grape Flan will challenge you to defeat as many flans as possible in this mini-game.

Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds.


  • Use “Ever AfterKeyblade if you have it unlocked. The wide array of attack forms will help you a lot.
  • Thundaga. To kill multiple birds in one stone!
  • The flans will attack you with a projectile – parry this with your “Guard“. Not only will parrying net you more points for the score, but it will also render the flans to be downed in one hit.

5. Banana Flan – Monstropolis

Score Rewards:

  • 20,000 – Bananas & Grand Magic Extender Ability (Hi-Score)

Go to The Factory in the Basement of Monstropolis. Head to the white door, which would lead you to a room with doors studded on the wall. Take the brown door second from the left (there’s a red light to indicate). Turn back around and you will see the Banana Flan.

Premise: Kill as many mini flans as possible while avoiding the big flan. Once you get caught by the big one, the mini-game will be over even before the time is up.

Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds.


  • Use “Ever AfterKeyblade if you have it unlocked. Projectile attacking will help you kill the smaller flans while actively avoiding the giant one.
  • Thundaga. Need we say more?
  • Prioritize dodging the big flan. Small flans are one-hit-KOs. You can kill them easily.

6. Watermelon Flan – The Carribean

Score Reward:

  • 17,000 – Watermelon
  • 28,000+ – Watermelons & Focus Syphon (Hi-Score)

The Watermelon Flan is located in the Fort at Port Royal. Turn right to the fort and there you go.

Premise: A castle-defense style mini-game. Protect your fort from incoming flan invasion by shooting them down with the cannons.

Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds.


  • Do use the center bell only when enemies get too close to comfort. The bell activates all 4 cannons at the same time.
  • Also use the center bell whenever a large flan appears. Extra points!
  • Keep one side clear at all time. It’d be easier to deal with the other 3 that way.

7. Honeydew Flan – San Fransokyo

Score Reward:

  • 15,000 – Melons & Attraction Extender Ability

Head to South District: Night in The City of San Fransokyo. Scale the building before you and once you get to the top, look for the skyscraper with a huge “M” billboard. The Honeydew Flan is located on the circular building just right to the “M” skyscraper.

Premise: To keep afloat by bouncing off the flans. Once a flan has been bounced off, it will get aggressive and open its mouth. Avoid angry flans. Glittery flans will send you to another area with a fresh group of flans.

Time Limit: —


  • Try landing where the flans are facing. The landing area is larger on the front side.
  • Aim for flans that are standing still. Easier to land on, especially after reaching 9,600 score where you’d be speed diving.

Phew! That’s quite a list, eh? It’ll take you quite some time to finish all Flantastic Seven in flying colors, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Hey, getting the Flanniversary Badge does not hurt too!

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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