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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Fast Level Up!

With excitement still in full vigor after the recent release of Kingdom Hearts III, many fans would willingly invest much of their time into playing this epic game, exploring every possible nooks and crannies at a leisurely pace.

Kingdom Hearts III‘s main storyline takes an average of 20 hours to finish, and while it does not require you to max out Sora‘s level in order to achieve it, many of us wouldn’t just settle for a medium-rare Sora. We want a fat, well-fed, max-levelled Sora, and we want to get there quick.

How do you ask? Keep on reading.

*much of the following tips involve gaining access to the Battlegates, which is only available after the you’ve finished the main storyline.

**Also, mild spoilers ahead. But read on!

1. Thunder Spell

Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga (personal favorite) – the set of Thunder spells is what we deem best to quickly annihilate a wave of enemies. Play Zeus on these enemies and spam them lightnings!

Protip: Ether up! Thunder spells have the worst MP economy out of all the elemental spells e.g Firaga costs 20 MP while Thundaga costs 28 MP.

2. Mount Olympus Summit (Chapter 1 – Olympus)

One of the fastest leveling spot in the game and our personal favorite, Mount Olympus Summit just happens to be located in the very first chapter of the Kingdom Hearts III epic.

It’s pretty simple, really. Glide up the stairs, enter Battlegate 1, spam your Thundaga, and BAM! A whole buffet of exps and easy level up.

Protip: If you’re fully Hi-Ethered with Ultima Shotlock, you will gain around 30,000 exp/minute. 1 hour of repetitive diligence in the Battlegate 1 of Mount Olympus Summit will max your level.

3. Gigas (Chapter 3 – Toy Box)

Upon entering the Galaxy Toy Store, there will be an army of Gigas to welcome you with open arms.  To quickly dispatch the massive wave, make left after entering the store, enter a Gigas robot that’s on display, and go to town with them robots.

Finishing the 1st floor Gigas wave should net you around 1,000 exp, and that’s without any exp booster. Don’t neglect the 2nd floor – that’s another 1000 exp for you to grab. The whole skirmish takes a mere 5 minutes.  Great for early game exp grind and quick level up.

You can always exit the premise, and re-enter to find a fresh batch of Gigas for you to massacre. Rinse and repeat.

4. North Mountain (Chapter 6 – Arendelle)

We’re in Arendelle, and no, we’re not trying to build a snowman. We’re here for them exp gainz!

Enter The Labyrinth Of Ice, spin around the icy pillar to access the middle-tier. Ignore spawning enemies, and float to the top of the labyrinth to enter Battlegate 9.

Come Hi-Ethered with Ultima Shotlock and you’ll earn a cool 45,000 exp/minute.

Protip: I only come to Battlegate 9 if I’m bored with Mount Olympus Summit. The Labyrinth Of Ice takes a good 1 minute travel from entrance to Battlegate portal, whereas gliding up the stairs of Mount Olympus Summit would only cost you 30 seconds of your life.

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5. Chapter 8 – Pirates Of The Caribbean

Join Captain Jack Sparrow in sinking enemy battleships which are worth hundreds of EXP each! Decent leveling rate, if you decide to grind here. Sink those ships and level up!

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6. Kill Everything

This is an obvious recommendation that would seem too lazy on our part to even be mentioned in a tips article, but really, if you do not completely massacre everything, you’d miss a lot on potential exps.

Kingdom Hearts III is not developed for the expeditious, more pragmatic gamers with impatient disposition. Kingdom Hearts III is a game meant for a full immersive gaming experience that requires extensive time investment.

Kill. Everything.

Honestly, we couldn’t think of any more comprehensive tips on how to quickly level up. Any more tips and tricks from among you, jot them down on the comment section below!

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PS4 and XBox One.





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