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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Earn Munny Fast!

Let’s be honest guys: ya’ll gon’ need a bunch of Munny in Kingdom Hearts III to be able to afford all those weapons, elixirs, potions, and lotions. Sure, your regular killing and going with the flow of the game will inevitably fill your pockets with Munny, but is it ever quick enough?

For those with an impatient disposition (read: ME), you’d probably want to know how to quickly gain a lot of those Munny expeditiously. Well lucky you! We’re here to tell you how to do just this for Kingdom Hearts III:

How to quickly earn the most Munny with the least amount of effort!

If only real life has such lifehacks… LOL.

1. The Breakables

Whether you’re showing off your newly acquired destructive powers, or you’re just on a regular skirmish, there are things you should NEVER forget: them breakables.

These items such as pots, crates, boxes, and a few other similar things may contain Munny. Leave them unattended, and you’d lose out on opportunity income. Crack them open wherever you find them.

2. The Gummi Ship

Take some time off being destructive and ride on them Gummi Ship. Fly through those golden rings and acquire your currency.

PS: The Gummi are customizable, so paint em’ pretty. We can’t have your ride lookin’ basic and beat-up!

3. The Right Equipment

The right set of equipment will do two things: drastically increase the rate of Munny gain/minute while simultaneously reducing the amount of work to do so.

The following are items that you should seriously consider if you want to capitalize against time:

– Gold Amulet + Munny Converter

– Draw Ring + Master Treasure Magnet

– Master Treasure Magnet Ability

– Full Course Meal: Rags to Riches Bonus

Either one or all of the above options, when utilized, will make you a Munny making machine. The Master Treasure Magnet, both ring and ability, would really work in your favor though, as they draw stray Munny towards you.

Really, it’ that lazy.

4. The EXP and Munny Correlation

Let’s me tell you something: whatever you do to earn quick EXP will most likely do you favor in terms of Munny also. It’s quite obvious isn’t it? You don’t really have to be terribly observant to realize that killing a Heartless will furnish you with both EXP and Munny.

To cut the long story short, whatever you do in my fast level up guide, will also net you a handsome income as a bonus. *shameless plug*

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Whew, so what do you think about them tips presented above? Pretty nifty eh?

If you’ve discovered more tips on how to quickly gain Munny, please share them with us lot below on the comment section! Share the wealth!

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.


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