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How to Level Up Fast in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Who would knew that leveling up in a Ragnarok game is notably difficult? Power leveling or leveling quickly is a method that is done to reach a certain level effectively. For most players, however, would do this in order to gain advantages from clearing a certain level. In Ragnarok Mobile, the system is limited by what is called as a Combat Time or Stamina which makes it difficult for the players to reach high levels fast.

Check Combat Time in Settings.

It needs to be understood that the Combat Time or Stamina from this particular Ragnarok Mobile is being counted to how long you hit the enemy (effective leveling time). It would be better if you could hunt any enemy that could be killed from just a few hits, compared to hitting the enemy 5-6 times even though it gives a bigger EXP. The maximum Combat Time that you could stack is 900 minutes (15 hours), in other words, the most effective amount of time you could get in one day would only be 5 hours.

If you don’t play the game for three days after that, then you will get 900 Combat Time. After passing the effective Combat Time, slowly but surely, your EXP gain and drop rate will decrease until you gain nothing at all for that playtime. That is the reason why you need to pay extra attention and be diligent enough if you want to raise your level. With this guide, you may even reach level 75 in just a week of game play!


At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to a number of tutorial quests explaining you how to walk, fight, raise status, skill point, getting emoticon and many more. In the South Prontera map, you need to finish all the quests effectively. You don’t need to fight an enemy you don’t need to fight (to save Combat Time). By completing the quests available at South Prontera, you will immidiately hit level 10.

The next quest will take you to the capital city of Rune Migard, Prontera. Follow along and finish the quest that will make you to the job quest in which you get to chose the job of your choosing. After picking your preferred job, continue finishing your remaining quest that will take you to West Prontera. Over there, you need to accomplish the quests as you did at the beginning of the game until you reach level 18.

It doesn’t look like a worm, hence it is a name after all.

If you already reached that level, you could continue and grind a specific monster by the name of Wormtail (level 17) in North Prontera. Keep on fighting automatically until you have 100 Combat Time remaining. You then use the Combat Time to do Monster Resistance once (Daily Quest) on Wormtail or Goblin Forest, Sunken Ship, and Ghost Ship. After that you could work on Quest Board and Rift Fixing. At this stage, you would likely get to reach level 27 or 28 when your Combat Time runs out.


Because in Day One you did Monster Resistance once, you will get to do the Daily Quest 3 more times. You need to work on all quest starting with the Izlude quest (Sunken, Ghost Ship, Byalan), Goblin Forest and Mjolnir, after that you can immediately work on the Quest Board and Rift Fixing. Once you’ve done those, you should at least be on level 33 to 36.

Hornet, as its name, is indeed a depiction of a hornet.

From here, you must not spend the remaining 3 Monster Resistance. What you must do is to grind a monster named Hornet. It is suggested that you need to use Lightning Chain if you are a Premium User. Spend the rest of your remaining Combat Time here. It needs to be noticed that Quest Board and Rift Fixing will give you constant amount of EXP even when your Combat Time has ended. Which is why you need to finish your Combat Time first before starting to work on Quest Board and Rift Fixing.

Because finishing stamina for a two day grind takes a while for some of the players, it is fine if you opted to finish working on Quest Board and Rift Fixing first. The remaining three Monster Resistance you will keep during level 40 to 50.


First of all, you need to finish all the main quests and side quests until you get to a specific main quest needed specifically for level 50 in Morroc. Because of that quest, usually players would get confused and spend a lot of time grinding their level to raise from 40 to 50 in order to move on. That is why we need to keep the five Monster Resistance that you get in the third day.

Look out for the Messenger who gives out these quests.

Only after finishing all the remaining quests that you need to do power leveling using 10x EXP Monster Resistance. Early on in level 40, you can keep grinding on Hornet until level 45, after that you can move on to Metaller in North Prontera. It is highly suggested to fight using full party with even levels in between level 40 to 50. If you are able to reach level 50 on the third day, you get to finish your Rift Fixing for Payon Rift.


Check Dustiness on your Monster Album if you had fought one.

Level 50 and above is a pretty challenging phase to do, but it is still doable if you frequently play the game and find effective hunting spots. The most effective hunting spots for level 50-60 is still Metaller or Dustiness. Of course, by enabling full party and auto grinding when fighting, within one to two days, you will eventually get to level 60 in this particular spot.


Fight on Punk for days until you get max level.

It is time to strike that final frontier of fast leveling method and reach Ragnarok’s maximum level. The simple rule to be followed here is just keep grinding, that is all you need. For levels to rise from 60 to 75, you could hunt Munak and/or Bongun in Payon Cave repeatedly for the entire sixth day. If you still want to reach the maximum level Ragnarok could get, an extra bit to reach levels further than 75 is to hunt and grind onto Punk in Clock Tower.

It needs to be noted that this method of leveling up will have different results with each player. Due to the level of efficiency of every job, premium card, type of food, and party members are affecting you to how quick you get to level up. Don’t get frustrated easily and just enjoy the games and online players you might meet! Have fun and see you on another Ragnarok guide.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is available at Android and iOS.

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