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How to Have Romantic Relationship(s) in Persona 5

Persona 5 is not all about stealing people's hearts.

Being a thief and a student is hard work, so who are you to not spend a few months exploring the various romance options laced throughout Persona 5? Romance is a trope that has been infused to the Persona series since Persona 3 came out. It gives the players much more reason to deepen their relationships with each of the characters in the game, not only that it would be useful in fighting sequences alone, but in romantic settings as well.

It should be noted that you can enter into a Persona 5 romantic relationship with more than one character, but this isn’t recommended as it can lead to some pretty bad consequences. Alternatively, you’re not forced into a relationship with any character at all, although entering into one slightly alters some conversations. Managing time in Persona 5 is key and while it can be fun to romance literally everyone around you’ll want to focus on one at first.


Ann can be one of your supportive member, or girlfriend even.

Ann is one of the characters that you’ll start out Persona 5 with, forming the Phantom Thieves alongside her, Ryuji, and Morgana. She enjoys sweets like chocolate, custard, and pudding, as well as items that help with her modeling, such as lipstick and perfume. She’ll basically accept anything, though, including the KGB vest and heart-shaped ring.

First, you’ll need to rank up her Social Link to Level 9, and after that, make sure to attain Rank 2 in Kindness, then later at Rank 9 you’ll be given a very obvious option to enter into a relationship. The previous conversation choices you pick have no bearing on whether you can enter into a relationship with her or not.


Charming yet smart, Makoto is the perfect girl you would want.

Makoto is another character who shows up relatively early in the game. She is an intellectual student who prefers smart gifts like the book cover and classic music CDs available in the Shibuya underground mall, plus the bike figure, which matches her persona.

To enter into a relationship with the staunch Makoto, you’ll first need to level up her Social Link to Level 9 (which in itself can be pretty tricky if you have less charm), and only after this will you be presented with a very clear relationship option with the character. Additionally, she will unlock a certain ability if you initiate the relationship.


Being a closeted/introverted girl certainly is not a problem if you are Futaba.

Sojiro might not be happy about it, but his adopted daughter, Futaba, is available as a romantic option in Persona 5. Futaba’s relationship options are another tricky one. She likes the KGB vest from the underground mall and the bike figure and “local character goods” from Akihabara, as well as cheap chocolate.

First of all, you’ll need to attain Rank 4 in Kindness, and then level up her Social Link to rank 9. Whenever she texts you to hang out, make sure you do! After completing her Mementos request, you’ll be able to get to rank 9 and unlock the conversation option in order to romance her.  


Being cute and rich has all its perks for Haru to gain your attention.

Haru has somewhat of an expensive taste, but the only gift she’s into is the “earthen vase” in the underground mall. After getting access to Haru’s Social link, you will need to get to Rank 7 in her Social Link to unlock the relationship options. Afterwards, it’s a pretty simple process to enter into a relationship with Haru, as again, the conversation options unlock at Rank 7.  


If you want to play hard to get, Takemi can be one of your option.

The standoffish doctor that you’ll find in Yongenjaya is also a relationship option. Takemi, the sketchy punk doctor, can be prickly, and that’s reflected in her preferences. She likes the tabletop cactus, the black mug, the sakura fan, and a few desserts, including truffle chocolate and custard cake.

You’ll have to get your Guts up to Rank 2 in order to progress. After you attain Rank 9 in her Social Link through completing her Mementos request, you will be able to unlock the conversation option to enter into a romantic relationship with her.  


If you’re in love with your teacher, then I guess you could date her…?

Yes! You can also enter a relationship with your own teacher in Persona 5, although it seem to be quite an immoral thing to get into. Your teacher/maid Kawakami is always struggling with money, so she appreciates expensive gifts, like the branded perfume and high-class fragrances. She’s also practical, though, and will accept the cheap chocolate and compact mirror if you offer them.

Once you unlock Kawakami’s social link, you will be able to call her, which will require Rank 3 in Guts. After this, you will be able to unlock her Mementos Request at Rank 8, and then at Rank 9 you will be able to unlock conversation options in order to initiate a relationship. 


Calm and collected, Hifumi can be an interesting person to talk to.

Hifumi, the shogi player, likes the black book cover, sakura design fan, matcha pudding, classical CD, and fragrances. To even initiate Hifumi’s social link, you’ll have to attain a Rank 3 in Charm, and also fully max out your Knowledge stat. After completing her mementos request, you’ll again be able to unlock the conversation options in order to enter into a relationship with the standoffish-genius.  


Having a psychic as your girlfriend might be a good thing for your future.

Once you unlock the ability to go to Shinjuku in Persona 5, you will be able to enter into a relationship with Chihaya, but to do this you will need to spend 100,000 yen in order to buy a stone to enter into her Social Link. Chihaya, the fortune teller, likes the earthen vase, combat mirror, and flower basket, which you can buy in the Shinjuku general store.

After that, you’ll need to stay on a strict path of conversation options that hint towards romance throughout the Social Link encounters with her. After you complete her Mementos request and get to Social Link Rank 9 with Chihaya, you’ll be able to unlock the final conversation option in order to enter a relationship with her.  


Hardworking journalist who has the same interest as you can be your soulmate.

This preppy journalist that you meet in Shinjuku will be available after you form a Social Link with her. The drunk journalist’s preferences are somewhat predictable. She loves the fountain pen and the black mug you can give her, plus the sakura design fan, the fragrance package, the cactus, and matcha pudding.

You will need to complete her Mementos Request in order to proceed. After that, you’ll need to get to Social Link Rank 9 from there, and then you’ll be able to unlock the conversation options in order to enter a relationship with her.

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