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How to Get the Best Skills for Every Character in Dragon Quest XI

Team work makes the dream work.

If you have started playing Dragon Quest XI, you know that at times you would level up and earn skills points for each characters to upgrade themselves to their maximum power. Wondering how to develop each character early on? Here’s some suggestions to get you started. This guide contains mild spoiler about all of the characters that you recruit as well as the story over the course of the game. If you’re cool with spoilers then, continue reading.

In Dragon Quest XI, multiple builds are possible for each character. There’s no real wrong way to the skills you choose, though it’s typically best if you stick to one or two categories for the earlier parts of the game. It makes sense to narrow your focus primarily to one area of the grid, rather than spreading your Skill Points equally in-between every category available.

Do bear in mind however that I will be only showing general skills as well as explaining the method of obtaining those skills that is best suited for each characters of the game. With an additional extra member be revealed later in the end.


Being charmingly fascinating is all that a protagonist has.

While you can pick either weapon to specialize in, the Hero’s signature weapon is a Sword. So it may be best to grab the skill panels for that category over ‘Greatswords’.

  • Gigaslash/Gigasmash – Gigaslash lets you hit all enemies with a lightning blade, while Gigasmash pounds a group of enemies with lighting.
  • Helichopter – Hit a group of enemies for moderate damage. You can found this in the ‘Greatswords’ category early on in the game.
  • Miracle Slash – Hits the enemy for moderate damage, and also restores his health, making it a good way to supplement your party’s healer. Only if you equip both a sword and a shield.
  • Zap – Hits a group of enemies and can cause big damage to metal or aquatic foes. There are three ‘Zaps’ in total throughout the gameplay.


Sneaky yet lovely, that is who Erik is.

Erik is the thief of the group. If you’re into stealing rare items and materials from baddies, Erik’s your guy. But even if you’re not, don’t dismiss him. In terms of weapons, Erik is the only character that can wield boomerangs, which can attack all enemies at once. His Dual-Wield ability is within the ‘Daggers’ category, though, and since Erik can’t equip a shield it might be best to work towards it regardless of what weapon you choose.

  • Dual-Wield – Bump up his damage, and give him a second chance to inflict a status like poison on an enemy with a skill like Cobra Strike. It’s found at the bottom of the Knives section.
  • Cobra Strike and Victimiser – Damage to the enemy every turn, and you can add onto that damage by using Cobra Strike. It can be found quickly on the Knives section.
  • Divide – Two doubles that add two more attacks to his next move, four if you have dual-wield. It’s the middle tile in his Guile category.


Your beautiful companion since day one.

Serena is the dedicated healer of the group, with unique and weapon skill categories to match. Before everyone joins up, particularly when there are only four of you, you’ll want Serena to focus on ‘Spears’. Later in the game, when she’s mainly dishing out HP restoration and buffs, give ‘Harpistry’ and ‘Wands’ some love.

  • Grace of the Goddess – A chance of bringing her back to life if she dies in battle, which can be invaluable. It is a skill you’ll get in the latter half of the game on Serena’s ‘Wands’ section.
  • Hymns – Lower elemental damage for the whole party. It can be found in Serena’s ‘Harpistry’ section.
  • Divine Restitution – Damages a group of enemies with powerful rays, while also giving Serena HP regeneration. It is found at the bottom of the ‘Wands’ section.


The most adorable companion anyone could ask for.

Veronica is the battle mage of the group. Like Serena, while you can give Veronica a weapon that ups her physical capabilities, it’s probably best to keep her with the Heavy Wands, which offer additional boosts to Magical Might. To be frank, Veronica’s skill tree isn’t all that useful. She’s a huge asset to the party, but most of her skills are spells learned from ordinary level gains.

  • Spooky Aura – Lowers an enemy’s resistance to all offensive spells.
  • Channel Anger – Increases the damage with offensive spells. The skill is available in the ‘Vim’ section.
  • Antimagic – Seals the enemy’s ability to use magic. It’s not guaranteed to work, but if your party is getting ravaged by spells it can be a critical help. It is on the ‘Heavy Wands’ category.
  • Zing Stick  – To revive a fallen party member. You can find this skill in Veronica’s ‘Heavy Wands’ section.


The funny guy who uses his magic to entertain people.

Sylvando is a bit of an odd character. While he is specialized in ‘Whips’, I personally don’t think that was the best move for this character, although he’s still powerful enough with the weapon type to get the job done. Swords may work better for him, even though he’ll sport some skillsets similar to the Hero. Be sure to build up ‘Litheness’ to get to ‘Showmanship’, which opens up some of his best moves in the game.

  • Hustle Dance – Heals the entire party for a moderate amount. This skill is located at the bottom of the ‘Showmanship’ section.
  • Dual-Wield – Just like Erik, Dual-Wield is incredibly useful for Sylvando as he can also use it for both knives and swords, with many of the same skills.
  • That’s Amore – A powerful skill that has Sylvando launching a love attack at an enemy. This can cause big damage and is one of his most powerful abilities. It is found right near ‘Hustle Dance’ on ‘Showmanship’.
  • Wyrm Whip – Hit an enemy with three dragon strikes, causing huge damage. It can also be useful for taking down Metal Slimes. It is a powerful ability just a bit into the ‘Whips’ section.


The wiser and older person of the bunch.

Rab is the sage of the group–he is able to do a bit of everything, but a master of none. You can make Rab fit into a healer, wizard, or even physical damage-dealing role with a bit of tweaking. Like Veronica, he learns more interesting skills through leveling up than through the Character Builder.

  • Right as Rain – One of the first skills on ‘Enlightenment’, It gives you entire party health regeneration of 20 per turn. Super useful for hard battles and bosses.
  • Caster Sugar – Increases the effectiveness of Rab’s spells. This will boost both offensive and healing spells and can be found right in the center of ‘Enlightenment’.
  • M-Pathy – Pass MP to another ally. He, by far, has the highest MP of any character, so it’s a good skill to have with Rab’s huge pool of mana. It is also found on ‘Enlightenment’.
  • Rake and Break – Damages enemies while also blowing away any positive effects on them. It is on the ‘Claws’ section.


Being awfully hot and charming is what she is capable of.

Jade is essentially the monk of the group. She’s a tough fighter, however, being able to deal a lot of damage but not able to take much in return. Which weapon you decide is completely up to you. I preferred the ‘Claws’ due to their high attack power and the double attack, but new ‘Claws’ themselves are relatively rare and difficult to craft while ‘Lances’ are more common and can eventually trump the Claws’ attack power.

  • Crushed Ice – Serious damage to one enemy with five icy strikes. A powerful attack that is also very useful against Metal Slimes can be founded in the ‘Spears’ section. .
  • Multithrust – Multiple hit attack, only this one can hit a group of enemies. It is in the ‘Spears’ section.
  • Miracle Moon – Strikes five enemies at random, with kicks that’ll also restore her HP. It is a very useful skill at the top of the ‘Fisticuffs’ section.
  • Hawkeye Claw – An unblockable attack that can slice through any enemy’s guard and causes a ton of damage can be found in the ‘Claws’ section.


The only secret character that you could play with.

The eighth party member you may have noticed missing from original seven characters in Dragon Quest XI has a variety of skills. Hendrik himself is a knight and in order to take full advantage of Hendrik’s defensive abilities, you’ll need to have a shield equipped, which means sticking with a one-handed weapon. Some of his ‘Heroism’ skills are only usable with a sword as well, so it makes what weapon is best for the knight somewhat set.

  • A Cut Above – Unleashes six blows on one enemy, causing massive damage. It’s also basically one of the most effective moves for taking down Metal Slimes that is found in the middle of the ‘Heroism’ section.
  • Unbridled Blade – Functions as a better version of Cutting Edge and can cause huge damage to a single enemy. It is in the middle of the ‘Greatswords’ section.
  • Helm Splitter – Causes decent damage while also being able to sap the enemy’s defense. It is one of the very first skills in the ‘Axe’ section.
  • Double Up – Significantly increases their attack while dropping their defense. It is located at the top of Heroism section.

There you go. Hopefully that you will be slightly informed about each of the character’s best abilities, skills and weapons to use in the game. The fact that there is another secret member to the already many bunch is surprising for me as well. Leave a comment below on what you want me to cover about any of the Dragon Quest tips and tricks as well as any upcoming game articles in the near future.

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