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How to Farm Fast Zeny in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

For Ragnarok players the term zeny might be a familiar thing, since it is Ragnarok‘s currency being used in the game. Zeny could be used to purchase various equipment as well as other stuffs available for you to buy in Ragnarok world. As with other RPG games which uses currency, there isn’t just enough money to be found in Ragnarok Mobile. Here I present to you a few tips that are useful in farming fast zeny in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.


Search for Lightning Chain in the shop!

The normal way the game enables you to make zeny is through beating every monster across the map available in Ragnarok Mobile. After only finishing the fight you will automatically gain a few amount of zeny. Other than that, the monsters are able to drop some items that would be useful in crafting, equipment and many more that you could sell in NPC Exchange or NPC Item Shop to get some extra zeny. When hunting monsters, you could equip an item called Lightning Chain to increase the zeny and drop rate when fighting a monster.


Look for the best quest that brings you big zeny!

Pay attention and diligently finish the quests that are available on the Quest Board. Furthermore, seek for NPCs in need of some of their quests to be fulfilled. The more quests you have accomplished, the more reward in a form of zeny could you gain in return. Just look out and search for those quests that pay big bucks and you’ll be rich out of zeny in no time.


Be careful when bartering your items.

Exchange, as in bartering, is one of a feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love where every activity of trading between each players are managed here. As what I have stated before, the items you gain from the battle and the monsters’ useless item could be sold here.


There are some items that needs to be paid attention, especially as you Exchange later on because they could be a lot valuable than you think. Some examples including Mandragora Seed, Mystic Frozen and Elunium.

Mandragora Seed makes it worthwhile.

Before entering the Labyrinth Forest, you need to buy an supply item called the Sixth Sense. When used, there will be a color of green or grass area seem to suddenly appear on the map. Go over to that area and you will encounter Mandragora guards. Finish them of and you will get the aforementioned Mandragora Seed, which has a value of 13,393 zeny!

Mystic Frozen has somewhat a better amount.

To get Mystic Frozen, make your way to the Underwater Temple. Over there you will encounter Marina, Vadon and Oberaune whom you will have to battle and defeat. As simple as that may sound, it is wise to remember that the Mystic Frozen is worth 17,615 zeny!

Elunium might worth a plenty.

For the biggest zeny, however, you need to go to Mjolnir Mountain area. You need to find Argiope and kill the monster to get Elunium. It has a value of 25,000 zeny! Make sure to spend it wisely.


Dyestuff and zeny are the things to look out in fighting a Plant.

Plant is one of the monsters that has the lowest defense and HP whilst giving out large amounts of zeny. However, the difficulty comes to how scarce this kind of monster is to find. This plant is unlike any other monsters who spawns at every part of the map. Moreover, the item by the name of dyestuff (hair bleach) this monster drop would usually be valuable that you could sell later on. There are also different types of plants you could found, including:

  1. Yellow Plant : Ghost Ship, Goblin Forest, Sograt Desert, Morroc, Payon Cafe 2F & 3F, Orc Dungeon.
  2. Green Plant : Prontera South Gate, Prontera West Gate, Labyrinth Forest, Goblin Forest, Mjolnir Mountains, Payon Cafe 1F, Orc Village.
  3. Shining Plant : Labyrinth Forest, Mjolnir Mountains, Payon Cafe 1F, Orc Village.
  4. Blue Plant : Sunken Ship, Ant Hell, Payon Cave 1F.
  5. Red Plant : Ant Hell, Geffen Dungeon

So those are the cues you need to earn big amount of zeny in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love! Although it might seem take awhile, the huge amount of payout you could get is certainly worth the time. Leave your thoughts and comments down below on what you want to see more about from the Ragnarok series as well as other RPG game there is.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is available at Android and iOS.

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