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How to Farm EXP and Level Up Fast in Dragon Quest XI

Leveling up easy with numerous EXPs!

Having to rack up experience in Dragon Quest Xi has never been more simple. Compared to other mainstream RPG games of the same genre, Dragon Quest enables that aspect to be rather simplistic. Rather than having to utilize your skills or equipments that will affect the EXP you get, the only thing you need to do to quickly level up your experience and gain skill boost is to constantly get into battles.

Grinding on four specific enemies will have humongous experience points add to the worth compared to the amount of time being spent on grinding up. I recommend playing the game as you want at the start without worrying about levels. You won’t be able to get much experience points from the beginning story areas so just roaming around is no good.

Grinding can be an option, but it is tiresome and takes time.

The trouble is, they are slippery devils. Metal Slimes, King Slimes and Hardy Hands will run away upon spotting you. If they don’t run away, they will likely to avoid any damage and typically only take one or two hit points of damage with any hit. In order to beat them, you’ll need to use the Metal Slash ability, or have a Liquid Metal weapon equipped. Keep at it, and you’ll be racking up experience points in no time.

The first level up grind point comes once you reach Gallopolis city. This will be after you get through the Hotto region and get your fast travel spell. Once you are outside Gallopolis, you will have to go to the city to perform some story events but before you do so, head to the desert south of the city and roam around there to fight Metal Slimes. Here I will show you how to farm EXP and level up fast in Dragon Quest XI.


Metal Slime is a classic enemy you could find.

The Metal Slime is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. As far as appearances go, the metal slime is nearly identical to a normal slime, with notable differences of it being gray and metallic color. Metal Slimes are infamous monsters in the series, and for a good reason: they have one of the highest experience point and exceeded only by far stronger monsters and other metal monsters.

If you’re after a good amount of EXP early on into Dragon Quest XI, Metal Slimes can be found shortly after recruiting your fourth team member. Defeating one Metal Slime will reward you with 2,010 EXP. They can be found in any of these places throughout the large map; Caverns under Octagonia, Dundrasil Region, Ruins of Dundrasil, Gallopolis Region, The Champs Sauvage and Rainbow Mines.


Liquid Metal Slime is also another OG reoccuring character.

Firstly introduced in Dragon Quest II, Liquid Metal Slime is a metallic bubble slime that acts as a large source of experience points. Although a step up from the metal slime, the liquid metal slime is rarely shown to be competent at fighting, its only enhancements being its HP and the experience it gives when compared to Metal Slimes.

You’ll find Liquid Metal Slimes in areas such as the World Inside the Painting, The Royal Library, and the Forest Before the Tree of Life. As with the Metal Slimes above, there is a Slime Island, which is to the east of the World Map. Beating a Liquid Metal Slime in battle will reward you with 10,050 EXP.


Hardy Hands… more like Icey Hands!

Previously appearing in Dragon Quest 3, the Hardy Hand is back in Dragon Quest XI. It’s super helpful in your ability to farm experience. Beating a Hardy Hand will net you 34,400 EXP, which is quite a hefty number. Be careful though as these metal hands cast ‘Whack’, which is a sure-fire way of killing your party members. Hardy Hands can be found at Laguna di Gondolia and Mount Huji.


Metal King looks bigger than I thought it is.

Introduced in Dragon Quest IV, Metal King Slime is a metallic version of the king slime that usually gives the greatest amount of experience of any monster in the series it appears in, with very few exceptions. As the name would suggest, metal king slimes are king slimes of a metallic color. Their crowns are different in color to that of the king slimes’ as well, bearing shades of purple or blue.

Metal King Slimes are particularly rare and this is for good reason. Beating one in battle will reward you with 70,070 EXP. This is the largest experience points you can get in the game yet! You can find them in the Fortress of Fear, which is very much towards the end of the game. Beat a couple of these bad boys and you’ll climb levels very quickly and very proudly.

That was a number of enemies you need in order to level up quickly. Hopefully, you’re totally clued up on where to look for Metal Slimes, Metal King Slimes, Hardy Hands, and Liquid Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest XI now. For more tips and tricks on Dragon Quest or other RPG games, look out for other articles coming in the near future.


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