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How to Capture Pet in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

When talking about Ragnarok, one of the things that is sometimes related is their pet. One of the pets that is notoriously infamous is Poring, doe to its simple yet cute figure. Since having pets can help you to increase levels, earn lots of zeny, and/or farm materials, getting a pet is a personal and essential choice to do. Catching a pet can be tricky, but if you had planned the steps needed to get your own pet then the chance of getting them is easy.


Don’t forget to equip them to the slot bar as well.

The first thing you need is to buy the necessary taming items. The amount of zeny that you must acquire is a lot than what you would think of. The items and number varies per pet of your choosing. If you catch a pet with just one taming item, there is a chance to fail. The more taming items you give, the higher success rate you will gain a new pet! The list below is an average amount of money as well as items to get a high chance for the monsters to be tamed as your pet.

  • Poring                    —  3x Unripe Apple (79,041 zeny)
  • Lunatic                   —  3x Rainbow Carrot (79,981 zeny)
  • Yoyo                       —  4x Tropical Banana (393,708 zeny)
  • Deviruchi                —  6x Contract in Shadow (2,564,442 zeny)
  • Mandragon Seed   —  5x Nutrition Potion (1,493,345 zeny)
  • Desert Wolf Baby   —  4x Well-Dried Bone (523,444 zeny)
  • Isis                          —  6x Armlet of Obedience (2,163,444 zeny)
  • Savage Babe          —  3x Sweet Milk (495,771 zeny)
  • Sohee                     —  7x Silver Knife of Chastity (7,790,335 zeny)
  • Green Petite           —  6x Shining Stone (2,345,538 zeny)
  • Baphomet Jr.          —  7x Book of the Devil (13,063,358 zeny)


The more the are, the cuter they get.

The second thing that you need to do is to remember to disable the Auto Attack kill in the Adventure Skills tab to prevent killing the pet you want to catch. After then you can go to the location of the pet you want to catch and find a spot, preferably where there are few people. The list below are the places the pets should be expected to appear.

  • Poring                    —  Prontera South Field, Prontera North Field, Lost Forest
  • Lunatic                   —  Prontera South Field, Lost Forest
  • Yoyo                       —  Prontera West Field, Lost Forest
  • Deviruchi                —  Geffen Tower, Underground Geffen, Glast Heim Chivalry
  • Mandragon Seed    —  Labyrinth Forest
  • Desert Wolf Baby   —  Morroc
  • Isis                          —  Pyramid
  • Savage Babe          —  Payon
  • Sohee                     —  Payon Cave
  • Green Petite           —  Glast Heim Outskirts
  • Baphomet Jr.          —  Glast Heim Hall, Glast Heim Wing


Present the item to the pet of your choice!

It’s time to capture the pet that you’ve dreamed of! Target the pet by clicking on it. You should see the monster’s icon in the upper left area. Use the taming item in your item hotkey. This will consume 1 piece of the taming item. A pink light streak will show between you and the pet. The “Catch/Present” popup in the bottom right will show. Click Present will feed the pet another piece of the taming item, and the catch success rate will improve indicated by the appearance of hearts:

  • Red hearts — low chance
  • Red hearts and yellow circles — medium chance
  • Yellow hearts, no red hearts — 100% chance!

Look at how eager your pet loves you!

Feed it again and again until all red hearts disappear and yellow hearts show up. Refer to the correct number of taming items to feed in #1 above. Once all hearts turn yellow, this indicates that you will catch the pet successfully. Press Catch to play with your ‘pet’. Don’t forget to give it a name, level it up and increase its Intimacy levels.

So those are the cues you need to capture and get your own pet in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love! Although it might seem take awhile and the amount of zeny needed is enormous, you will soon be able to recover the zeny once you get closer to your pet and have adventures together. Leave your thoughts and comments down below on what you want to see more about from the Ragnarok series as well as other RPG game there is.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is available at Android and iOS.

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