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How to Be An Archer in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Being an expert at long-range combat, Archer is one of the best damage dealers in the team, however they lack the ability to survive when caught up in melee situations. Leveling up allows you to change into Hunter who is skillful at indirect combat and putting traps, or Bard that deals a great amount of damage but require careful strategy and positioning.

There is not much an Archer can do on the battlefield other than their ability to give a big damage from a distance using bow and arrow as their main weapon. An advantage of Archer is that they have ASPD (attack speed) than other jobs due to them being able to enter a battle without having to encounter the enemy first-hand.

Be a strategist and make use of your field as a Hunter.

If you are interested in becoming an Archer, the most important thing is to level up your DEX (dexterity). Other than DEX, AGI (agility) is also need to be leveled up for a quicker attack speed. As a Hunter later on, you also have LUK (luck) to pay attention to. Below are the specifications on how you could achieve both Hunter and Bard builds.

  • Hunter Build:
    • Hunter Damage per Second (DPS) – DEX: 99, AGI: 99
    • Hunter Trap – INT: 99, VIT: 66, DEX: 66
    • Hunter Falcon – DEX: 79, INT: 79, LUK: 66
  • Bard Build:
    • Magic Strings Build – INT, DEX, VIT
    • Arrow Shower Build – DEX, VIT, INT, LUK
    • AGI Build – AGI, DEX, VIT (newbie-friendly build)

There is all what you need to be a Archer, Hunter and eventually a Bard. Let me know in the comments below on other things that you want to know about Ragnarok Mobile. Any tips and tricks along with other RPG-related articles will come in the near future.

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