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How to Be An Acolyte in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Are you the kind of gamer who prefers to be a ‘healer’ than a ‘fighter’? Then Acolyte might be a suitable job for you. Acolyte casts skills to support their allies and harm their foes and maces for physical damage. Later on in the game, you will be able to transform into Priest (a supportive type that heals and resurrects others) or Monk that could deal great damage.

Acolyte has a number of skills to heal and giving a buff so that your character would have powerful abilities. Acolyte is fully equipped with a few skills including Heal (heal HP), Bless (increase STR, DEX and INT), Increase Agility, and many others.

Be a pacifist and a fighter at the same time!

In increasing your status, Acolyte mostly utilizes INT (intelligence), DEX (dexterity) and VIT (vitality). You need to focus mainly on VIT and DEX as an Acolyte as you level up in the game. As soon as you become a Monk, then you play more using STR (strength) and AGI (agility). Below are the specifications on how you could achieve both Priest and Monk builds.

  • Priest Build:
    • Full Support – INT: 99, VIT: 69, DEX: 30 or INT: 99, VIT: 99
    • Battle Priest (magical) – INT: 99, DEX: 99 or INT: 99, DEX: 69, VIT: 30
    • Battle Priest (physical) – AGI: 99, STR: 99 or AGI: 69, STR: 99, LUK: 30
  • Monk Build:
    • Basic Leveling / Combo Build – STR, AGI, VIT, DEX
    • Ifrit Mask Build – INT, VIT, DEX

There is all what you need to be a Thief, Assassin and eventually a Rogue. Let me know in the comments below on other things that you want to know about Ragnarok Mobile. Any tips and tricks along with other RPG-related articles will come in the near future.

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