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How to Be A Merchant in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Do you seek to get richer in a video game no matter what you do with it? As the economic experts in RO world, Merchant can get the most out of every last Zeny (Ragnarok’s currency) and can carry more items compared to others. You can then change into a Blacksmith with the ability to forge weapons or Alchemist that optimizes potion-related skills.

Get some zeny now and forge weapons for yourself later.

However, on the flip side, Merchants are the weakest ally to have during battle. Their main specialty, as well as their job, is only to haggle and trade items. In playing as a Merchant, you need to level up your STR (strength) and AGI (agility) all-the-while increasing DEX (dexterity) too.  Below are the specifications on how you could achieve both Blacksmith and Alchemist builds.

  • Blacksmith Build:
    • AGI Build – STR: 70-90, AGI: 80-99, VIT: 50-70, DEX: 40-60, LUK: 20-40
    • Tank Build – STR: 70-90, AGI: 30-50, VIT: 70-90, DEX: 50, LUK: 20-40
    • Forger Smith Build – DEX: 99, LUK: 99
  • Alchemist Build:
    • Cart Revolution Build – STR, VIT, DEX
    • AGI Build – AGI, STR, VIT, DEX (newbie-friendly build)
    • Tank/Aid Potion Healer Support Build – VIT, AGI, STR
    • Pure Homunculus Killer/AFKemist Build – AGI, VIT, DEX
    • Acid Terror/Bomb build – STR, VIT, DEX
    • Brewer – DEX, LUK, INT

There is all what you need to be a Merchant, Blacksmith and eventually an Alchemist. Let me know in the comments below on other things that you want to know about Ragnarok Mobile. Any tips and tricks along with other RPG-related articles will come in the near future.

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